The Prosecution Rests In Brandon McInerney’s Murder Trial

Though it’s only been eight weeks, it seems like the trial of Brandon McInerney, who stands accused of shooting and killing 15-year-old classmate Lawrence King, has been going on for an eternity.

And even as prosecutor Maeve Fox made her closing arguments yesterday, there’s been another lingering, dreadful feeling—that King, an admittedly troubled student with a penchant for cross-dressing, has been the one on trial.

The defense has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the jury to push the blame off their client: McInerney had gay panic; he was beaten and molested as a child; King was a disruptive element who taunted classmates at E.O. Green Junior High with gay innuendos; the school didn’t step in to resolve the issue.

But in her closing, Fox laid out the facts of the case—that McInerney told a friend he was was going to bring a gun to school and made good on his threat by pulling out a .22 during first period and shooting King twice in the back of the head—and dismissed any attempts to deflect guilt.  “No amount of revisionist history and attempts to paint Larry King as some kind of predator can ever change the fact of what occurred in this case,” Fox stated, “That is: Larry King was executed for who he was.”

Defense lawyer Scott Wippert began his closing argument on Thursday and is expected to conclude today. His team contends McInerney’s attack was a crime of passion, spurred by King announcing he wanted to change his first name to Latisha.

We’re sure McInerney will get some pretty interesting nicknames too while he’s rotting in prison.