The Punishment for Southern Oregon University’s Anti-Gay Graffiti Students? Doing Chores for the Queers

Last month my colleague asked, “How Harshly Should Southern Oregon University Punish Its Anti-Gay Graffiti Students?” Ask, and you shall receive: The pair of students, Blake Adkins and Kevin Novotny, are being allowed back to the school, but must live off-campus and perform community service. At the Queer Resource, Women’s Resource, and Multicultural centers. Ultimate!

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  • Andrew

    I’m glad to hear this. And the fact that it’s a center for women and minorities as well makes it even better.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    Excellent. This should be the defacto sentence for any anti-gay bigot.

  • William Day

    Someone should also follow them around, loudly wondering to themselves, “wasn’t Novotny the name of that guy on Queer As Folk?”

    That being said, I reckon this is a pretty good punishment. “Attack us and become our bitches” has a nice sound to it.

  • A

    go on facebook search for Kevin Novotny, he looks pretty closeted…

  • Lamar

    I thought the graffiti was anti gay and not anti women so why are they working at Women’s Resources?

  • Ogre Magi

    How about bare bottomed spankings for the both of them!

  • Wy

    Well, since they’ve amply illustrated their grasp of the basics, maybe its time to redo the spray painting of the metal patio furniture – even if the Center has to buy some metal patio furniture so it can “need” painting. It might even need 5-6 color/shade changes… you know, sometimes it looks so different than what’s on the can. Naturally any service performed in and around the centers should always require proper business attire. Just some thoughts.

  • B

    “Naturally any service performed in and around the centers should always require proper business attire.” … something appropriate for a stint as a go-go boy? :-)

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