The Queens Of “Drag Race” Address The RuPocalypse

sharon needlesEveryone’s whining that the world is ending tomorrow. We’re kinda thrilled, actually—we’ve maxed out our Discover card and booked a room at the Holiday Inn in Scranton to ride out Ragnarok.

NewNowNext asked some past and future stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race to discuss how they think the Apocalypse will come. After someone told them what “Apocalypse” meant, the girls were more than happy to spill some theoretical T.

Phi Phi O’Hara: “The world will end because there is a Ru-count on Season 4 votes and I really won! What else would be the cause of mass destruction and angry people”

Latrice Royale
“Child PLEASE! I am just now getting it all going life as we know it. Ain’t nobody got time for this foolishness! Now, what I do believe is happening is that we will no longer be the world of yesterday: I think that we are headed in a new direction and there will be an evolution. We really have no choice, we evolve or die.”

“Aliens! I’ll be dressed in a viscous billowing parachuted crinoline gown, ghostlike platinum crimped hair, drenched in aurora borealis Swarovski crystals, custom skyscraper Italian stiletto nude ankle boots, [giving] alien-shipwreck realness. If I have to run fast from the Martians, I have to look sickening!”

We always thought the world would end when Santino and Raven finally got down to the dirty, but who knows?