The Queer Case of Sanjaya Malakar

Sanjaya Malakar may be one of the most puzzling cultural icons in recent memory. Why did so many people vote for someone everyone agreed blew? Where does a 17-year old kid get the gumption to sport a pony-hawk? What does his contradictory success mean for the “merit” of American Idol? (And, yes, the show does have merit, evidenced most readily by Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson.) In Gayville, our terrain, many have speculated about whether the young “singer” qualifies as queer. Such Idol speculation’s nothing new – just look at Clay Aiken and lawsuit plagued Mario Vazquez.

While we certainly know where we stand on Mr. Malakar, we’ve resisted making a judgment call. In fact, just a few weeks ago an artist blogger sent us an illustrated send-up of the contentious Idol contestant. We wrote back that we couldn’t bring ourselves to make fun of the kid. He may have become a national joke, but it didn’t seem like Malakar got the punchline. And, more than that, he’s earned so much ridicule that we just didn’t seem right tossing on more – an unfamiliar yet not entirely unpleasant feeling.

As a suspected sissie, we suspected Malakar’s earned his fair share of anti-gay jeering. And we were right. Malakar tells People:

I got teased in school because people figured I must be gay because I understand women. I think that’s why guys didn’t like me – because I got along with girls so well. When I went up to girls they would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them.

Ah, yes, that old “understanding” line. We know it well. And so do others, for the internet’s aflame with assertions that Malakar’s a flamer. Malakar, of course, denies such allegations:

I had a girlfriend but she became clingy, and I didn’t want to get into a really serious relationship because I was 16. I just wanted to date and have fun.

Now, we really can’t say anything about this. First of all, Malakar says it himself with the canned response. And – as we said before – it doesn’t seem right to poke fun at such a young, obviously oblivious kid. Yes, we can cheer for magazine’s with the balls to shed light on – or, through – The Glass Closet, but Malakar’s just a boy.

Some of us may have known a thing or two about our sexualities when we were 17-years old, but for some reason we don’t Malakar’s ready to decide whether he’s gay or straight. Or, possibly, neither. Of course, saying that raises the question of what age’s appropriate for “outing”. Thousands of men don’t come out until they’re in their forties. Some never come out at all. Do we allow ourselves to fall for the “minor until 18” sexual morality laws or do we throw them out for the sake of a giggle? Honestly, we’re not sure. But, in this case, we’re holding off on a one-liner. You’ve read what Malakar has to say – we’ll let you decide whether or not it’s bullshit.

Don’t worry, though, we’re not done making fun of folks we find a bit light in the loafers. Take, for example, that other Idol laugh-fest: Clay Aiken. We received an email from a reader wondering about Aiken’s conspicuous absence from the Idol Gives Back benefit. The reader writes:

..Former idol Clay Aiken was not part of the “Idol Gives Back” extravaganza.

Instead the notoriously heterosexual Aiken stars in a very special PSA for UNICEF recorded for and now appearing on gay activist Ben Patrick Johnson’s blog. The PSA is insightful in that it reveals that famously gay Ben and famously “not gay” Clay are quite chummy. We find out that the PSA was recorded in Ben’s home studio, and that Clay brought Ben a special gift back from Afghanistan.

All of which has led Aiken’s fans to a curious conundrum of reconciling and confronting how and why their ongoing fantasy world of Clay as an innocent clean-cut heterosexual is intersecting with that of a very out gay activist.

We can definitely see some of those cultish Claymates getting bent out of shape about their god’s relationship with a bent boy. We can also totally see Aiken going for Johnson. Or, rather, Johnson going in Aiken.

Here’s the video:

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  • el polacko

    there’s no sense to getting into it about malakar. he’s obviously not too bright and extremely immature.
    asking him about his sexuality is pointless, better to ask him his favorite flavor of skittles.

  • John

    Yes, sure, Sanjaya.

  • Ash

    Yeah, leave the kid alone. I insisted I was straight when I was seventeen, too.

  • John

    ^And everybody knew you were lying too!

  • kevin

    It was along time before I let loose on Sanjaya because he was underaged, but he asked for it with that ponyhawk. That boy is two buckets of queer. It he hasn’t smoked pole yet , he will.

  • Lexnyc

    Betcha he’s straight.

  • Lamb Cannon

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm couldn’t care less

  • Al

    Let him be a kid. I was confused when I was his age. Well, it didn’t help being a Jesus Freak, so maybe he’ll come out and maybe he’ll be a happy hetero.

    Who knows?

  • D

    didn’t he come out? “understands women” is just a euphemism, isn’t it?

  • James

    He’s a kid with no singing talent under some crazy media scrutiny. Cut him slack and let’s keep our comments to a minimum.

  • jimmy

    Too busy too participate in American Idol? Is that why he was trying to score a slot on the show for weeks?
    Is that also why he tells various publications he hasn’t watched any of it, but then goes on Entertainment Tonight and says he is behind Sanjaya?
    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • Carol

    Clay was trying to score a slot on the show? And how would you know that, Mr. grouchy insider? Did he call you from Afghanistan to discuss that?

    And one doesn’t need to watch the show to know all about Sanjaya. He’s being dumped on all over the media, including this blog. I wonder if Clay was rooting for him because he can relate?

  • James


    Take it easy. You can love Clay all you want. It’s okay. What is up with you Clay folk? You would think he’s a god or something.

  • BlogBlightBuster


    This blog is infested with blogblight: n. Malicious lies, half-truths, distortions and insinuations perpetuated mindlessly by bloggers publishing misinformation, photos or video from each others blogs, or the tabloids, with no thought to the veracity, authenticity or libelous nature of the content.

    The blight bloggers range from professional journalists (who should know better) down to the celebrity gossip hacks. Similar blight occurs in the other news media (tabloids) as well, but is more pervasive on the internet because of the anonymity accorded many of those who perpetuate it.

    Blogblight undermines one of the basic values of the internet, information sharing. Rather than seeing legitimate and accurate information, internet users see blogblight instead.

    This blog also has a bad case of DumBlight.

  • Ben Patrick Johnson

    Wow, okay.

    Clay and I are both activists. My primary areas of interest are gay and lesbian civil rights, and the protection and education of children across the world. From the first I heard of Clay’s activism, back in his Idol days, I was interested in his work and his foundation. Last year after I helped build a school in rural Thailand, Clay and I met to talk about how we could harness attention for what we believe in.

    So … yes, Clay and I are friends. We share beliefs and are both convinced the world can be made a kinder place. We meet on that level, and it’s wonderful. I’m gay, and Clay? His private life is his own business. It’s not yours, nor anyone else’s. And it’s not a part of my dialogue with him. We’re busy talking about other things … things that matter more.

    Why do gossips like you always try to sully the sincere efforts of others? Is it because you are ashamed of your own lack of action? Does sneering at Clay Aiken or Sanjaya or anyone who takes risks and puts themselves out there … does that help you sleep at night? I’ve always been told that leaders lead while smaller minds are busy with speculation and gossip.

    Which category do you fall into?

    Leave Clay alone. Or the Claymates and I will be over to give you ‘what for’. :-)

  • cjc

    Ben, I hate to break it to you but –gasp! The job of a gossip (which would include Queerty and other sordid gay blog-related things) *is* to sully the sincere efforts of others. Because it’s delicious fun. That’s their job. Now, go on and keep savin’ the world.

  • Darren

    You are to be applauded for your efforts, but for many of Clay’s fans that envision him as a squeaky clean choir boy and who has previously represented himself in public statements as disavowing such overtly sexual things (including his own sexuality) there arises the question why he might associate with someone with your particular background. Particuarly vexing for them, and the subject of much private discussion throughout the claynation, is that you are associated with gay porn impressario Michael Lucas, whom they all hold as the devil incarnate since he promoted Clay’s alleged gay lover, John Paulus.

    It makes it all a very sticky thicket for them, so to speak.

    If there is any sneering going on anywhere (gossip blogs or otherwise), it is only because Clay, both by his statements and actions, continues to hold that the general public (like his fans) are complete idiots, and can’t see through his glass closet. Further, his behavior would seem to indicate that one’s sexuality (particularly homosexuality) is something that should be surpressed or hidden.

    So I’m unsure what risks you think Clay takes besides the risk of trying to get the general public to swallow his line of BS? Is it the risk of doing love s0ng covers? Or maybe the risk and thrill of webcamming for stange men online and hoping the public doesn’t find out?

    As for being sincere, since he can’t be sincere about those things, it does bring into question the depth of his sincerity in others, and a whole long line of other questions.
    Care to comment further?

  • Carol

    Whoa, Darren. How does one write an entire post without a single word of truth in it? That must be some kind of record.

    That glass closet only exist in your imagination, and represents the wishful thinking of the gay busybodies trying to “out” everyone in sight on the off chance that they will ocassionally succeed. Clay’s “alleged lover” is a lying famewhore who cannot keep his story straight from day to day, and has been caught lying too many times to count.

  • Kate

    Darren, it’s been a long time since Clay represented himself as a choir boy. Why is he to be held to statements he made four years ago? So Clay has a screwed up personal life and he wants to keep his sexuality private. What does that have to do with his singing career or his interest in making the world a better place?

  • K

    And there is a perfect example of both the delusion and not so veiled homophobia that Clay’s actions and statements continue to inspire and perpetuate through his fans.

  • Carol

    Oops, I pressed the submit button too fast .

    Anyway, I find it interesting that all the blogs today have been flooded by nearly identical comments trashing Clay Aiken yet again, and dredging up all the lies spread about him in the last year. It feels very much like a coordinated attack by the same people who have been spreading those lies in the first place, and it always happens whenever he is promoting his charitable causes and trying to raise money for the children. It’s almost like those people are afraid that everyone will see what Clay Aiken really is about, and realize how badly they have been duped by that ugly smear campaign.

  • Get Real Claymate

    Your head is so far up Clay’s ass you are drowning in his BS. He can be caught red handed having sex on the street with a dude and you will still say it’s an impostor. The glass closet is not imagination and the only wishful thinking is that of yours wanting him to be straight. Sorry Carol, but unless you grow a penis, he will NEVER take any interest in you or any other female.

    “Leave Clay alone. Or the Claymates and I will be over to give you ‘what for’. :-)”

    BTW, if that is BPJ for real, WTG dude !! I guess Clay and you know the mates real well and their penchant for wanting to beat people up or even kill for Clay as they admitted at the Kimmel show. I guess he added you to his list of people who will do his bidding. Great!

  • Carol

    Get Real Claymate,

    Call me when you catch Clay red handed having sex on the street with a dude, and then we will talk. Until then, stop pretending that you know anything at all about his sexuality.

  • Legal Aid

    “Particuarly vexing for them, and the subject of much private discussion throughout the claynation, is that you are associated with gay porn impressario Michael Lucas, whom they all hold as the devil incarnate since he promoted Clay’s alleged gay lover, John Paulus.”

    Mr Darren – And with good reason. Here’s what Mr. Aiken thinks of your assumed impression:

    SATURDAY, AUGUST 05, 2006
    Team Clay attacks and John counters.

    As many of you know I had a video clip of an interview that Clay and Mrs. Parker [Clay’s mother] gave to the CBS morning show that highlighted mothers of famous people. Two weeks ago I received a series of emails from YouTube, Ebay, Adult Auctions, and two other sites where I mentioned Clay Aiken. Ebay and Adult Auctions were notified by Clay’s attorney that I had my porn DVD for sale advertising it as Clay Aiken’s former lover and that their client didn’t want his name associated with the product. Ebay immediately suspended my account and after a series of phone calls I was informed of Clay’s attorney’s involvement. Within a few hours of Ebay suspension, Adult auctions also suspended my account with the same explanation. Adult Auctions further elaborated. They, as a small auction site, could not afford to be sued by Clay Aiken nor could they risk it. I assured them that my account was truthful and that Clay’s attorney’s would not sue and that they were simply bluffing, but adult auctions did not want to take the remote chance that my story was false and a lawsuit would follow.”

    “Then I received the email below from which was instigated supposedly by CBS. These events all occurred within 48 hours. ”

    Dear Member:
    This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by CBS Corporation claiming that this material is infringing:
    Clay Aiken Mothers Day:

    Email: [email protected]
    Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability.
    YouTube, Inc.
    Copyright © 2006 YouTube, Inc

    Ben Patrick Johnson – I respect you Ben, you have class. Thank you for clearing that up.

  • John Paulus

    Oh please give it a rest Legal Aid. You have no facts whatsoever. Concerning the porn, Auditions 8 Scandalous, it can still be purchased online. No one has stopped its distribution, nor has Clay or his legal team made any effort to stop me from publicly speaking. Those are the obvious facts that you turn a convenient blind eye to.

  • Slumming

    The haters are out in force tonight. All the positive news coverage about UNICEF, Clay’s visit to Afghanistan, and the UNICEF/Clay successful fund drive is tying the haters into knots. Time to roll out all the Clay-is-gay crap for the 10000th time. Repeat all the malicious lies over and over and over again. Smear Clay. Smear his fans. Smear anyone associated with him. The haters fling slime in every direction, but to no avail. Clay will just keep doing good works for the world’s children, and the lying haters will just keep being lame and desperate. The haters are so filled with self-loathing. They MUST attempt to destroy goodness because they fear it. The more positive press Clay gets, the more frantic the haters become.

    The haters must be exhausted from flinging slime 24/7 for the past four years.

    Give it up. You are losers.

  • JS

    It would appear that most of you just have too much time on your hands to be oh so concerned about the actions of Clay Aiken. Clay Aiken’s sexuality is no one’s business – and even if you should (gasp) catch him red-handed – it is still no one’s business. If you think Clay is gay – so what? Is it that you want him to have a coming out party and invite you? To the Claymates – I think Clay is one of the good guys – regardless of what his sexuality is. He loves his fans (even the more enthusiastic ones) – and owes his fans a good performance, a good concert experience and his appreciation for your support…..but he doesn’t owe you nor his haters a dissertation on his private life. There are some non-fans that are just a little too obsessed with Clay Aiken that have practically stalked his moves for over 4 years now and have blogs devoted to spilling out all their venom and exaggerated tales on his every move – and it’s unfortunate that some of these gossip blogs will pull some of their own content from these blogs without any fact-checking. This is the internet – so you have to take it all with a grain of salt and just consider the source!!!

  • Rachel

    “Repeat all the malicious lies over and over and over again. Smear Clay. Smear his fans.”

    This can not stand without comment, as it is precisely the sort of bullshit that gives Clay’s supporters such a bad name on the internet. A bad name that is getting more exposure in the press and on blogs like this one, than the good news that you long to hear.

    Exactly how is it a “malicious” lie to call Clay gay? You seem to have a warped sense of good and evil. Being gay is not a horrible crime, and it is incredibly sad that in defending your Idol, you choose to defame and besmirch individuals who are gay.

    You should be pleased that Ben Patrick Johnson, who by his own admission is openly gay, and not ashamed of that, chose to allow Clay a place on his videoblog to spread his message. Yet, I come here and read comments from supposed fans of Clay who can’t resist trashing gay people.

    You consider “gay” malicious? An insult? How dare you. Have you no decency. Wake up, it’s the 21st century. Clay doesn’t have a problem with gay people, so why make his fanbase look so bad by engaging in such slurs?!

  • Bob

    As a gay man, I am somewhat pissed off by the need some people have to out Clay Aiken and anyone for that matter. As a member of an activist group, I want people to know that not all of us have this agenda. What is not amusing is the damage people try to do to those who won’t play it the way they want them to. I have no idea if Clay Aiken is gay but I do wonder why it is so important to all these internet bloggers to continually slam the guy. He seems to be a very decent man who does have a strong commitment to helping others. Do you just do this for the hits to your site or for shits and giggles because you are all very annoying to me.

    I was honestly surprised to see the post from Ben here. I admire your work and your philanthropy. Glad you know Clay and can speak with such high regard for the guy. It goes a long way in giving us back some respect. Please know this, not all gays are assholes. Some of us really do respect the right of all people to self identify and to maintain privacy about their sexual orientation. Clay Aiken just needs to carry on with his life and use his talent to continue to find a platform for his work with others. He is really talented guy. I agree with Ben, you all should leave this guy alone. You are really not fooling anyone with your self righteous rants about how anyone in his position should come out for the cause. That is total BS. You simply are giving all gays a bad name by your bullying. Get a life and let others live theirs in peace. Show the world that you are people of integrity rather than trying to push others around. It ain’t good for us.

  • Tre

    I get your point, Bob, but Clay is no angel in all of this. Clay has made opinionated remarks about other celebrities, and it is really no different for him to get a taste of his own medicine.

    The gay issue isn’t much of an issue for me. Clay hasn’t been working all that hard to keep up an illusion of being straight, and that’s fine. I would be more troubled if he were going to extraordinary lengths to pass as straight. He seems fairly comfortable in his own skin.

    I have more of an issue with his self-righteousness, and hypocracy, and yes, the way he has belittled the work of other celebrities. (His cold dismissal of Katrina volunteers still resonates with me still.)

    I’m just saying if Clay is allowed to speak his mind, and shoot his mouth off about what he can’t stand about other celebrities, he only has himself to blame if others follow his lead and hold him to the same standard.

  • Diane

    Awww Bob, that’s so sweet how claymates will pretend to be not just a gay man, but a fellow gay activist (a new word they’ve just learned since finding out about Ben Patrick Johnson) with the idea in mind to disguise their inherent homophobia while protecting their idol!

  • Stancel

    Sanjaya is probably gay. I remember Mario Vasquez when he was on Idol and I had him pegged as gay from the start. Need I bring up Ricky Martin (who actually believes it is less shameful to admit to loving “golden showers” then admitting to being gay). But I don’t know, Sanjaya could be straight. Maybe he is telling the truth

  • sue

    I am an admirer of Clay, am not homophobic, appreciate his work ethic and his dedication to his causes. We do exist. One thing of interest to me in all this is I’ve never heard him say anything derogatory about being gay, has openly gay friends and coworkers, probably a family member or two. He doesn’t seem like, being so seemingly comfortable in his skin as a upthread poster said, he would not identify himself as gay, if he were. Truly. Not a fantasy or wishful thinking, whatever; just seems like he is what he says he is. And since he’s the one, like each and everyone of us, that gets to self identify, I guess he should.

    By the way, while I myself am not gay, I have a sister who is, and I’ve seen up close and personal what it means to not have the basic acknowledgement that others have automatically, the legal standing, in all arenas. I support the movement for that legal recognition…but I find it ridiculous that there even needs to be one in this day and age, as it’s amazingly mindboggling why we still have people “in charge” that fight making equality a given, as it should be. There is no justifiable reason to not have equal status. None.

  • Scotty

    Clay Aiken is not the monster made out to be. He won another award last night…the Nat’l Center for Learning Disabilities Children Advocacy Award. Add that to this:

    You take a completely unknown, 24 yo, Special Ed college student; put him on a reality TV show, which he loses; then goes on to establish his own foundation (the BAF) for children with disabilities; receives the AMA’s Fan Choice Award; graduates from college with a teaching degree; receives the Billboard’s best selling single award and other awards; sells 6 million CD’s (2 platinum, others not less than Gold); is inducted into the Country Music Showcase Hall of Fame, is made UNICEF Ambassador for the Children’s Education Fund, testifies before Congress, wins Billboard’s Best selling C’mas album two years in a row and the Christian Music Award; receives the Robert M. Barg Memorial Achievement Award, receives the Worldwide Pageants Service Excellence Award, is appointed to the President’s Council for People with Intellectual Disabilities, becomes a NY Times Best-selling author, receives UNC Charlotte’s Alumni Association Outstanding Young Alumnus Award, and prepares for his 8th tour in 4 years. Now that’s an Idol! One would wonder why AI isn’t taking any credit for it.

    While something bothers Tre that he/she thinks he heard, Clay Aiken helped raise $10,000,000 through a telethon for Katrina victims. What did you think of the stars that appeared on Idol Gives Back last night, that only appeared to have their faces on the show? Is that what you’re referring to?

  • cindiluwho

    I cannot believe that the Claymates are here pretending like the Paulus incident didn’t happen. They are calling it a “bunch of lies” etc. If they are lies they are not lies that Clay has challenged.

    Claymates are the biggest homophobic group around. If Clay were to “publicly” come out most of them would implode.

    Clay knows that the majority of fans believe him to be straight. They post about gays as if they are the lowest form of life. Clay, knowing that most of his fans support him so generously because they believe him to be a straight mama’s boy, has no trouble repeatedly asking his fans for money and support.

    Question for Ben Patrick Johnson—

    Wouldn’t it seem that if one were going to appeal for money from a group like this that they would be obligated to be honest with them? Wouldn’t it seem that Clay really must hate the Claymates if he can so easily take money from them under false pretenses?

  • Bob

    Hey Diane. What the hell are you smoking? I have been gay all my life and a gay activist before you were born. I lived through the 60’s and spent years fighting for my rights . I’m just not into the tactics I see on these blogs. There was no internet when I was coming out. I have been with the same partner for 35 years. I KNOW all about being gay in a culture that doesn’t yet accept us as equals but I don’t approve of outing ANYONE EVER. If Clay Aiken is indeed gay, which I have no clue since I have not seen any proof of that, then it is his private life and not anyone else’s. Sadly, the internet can be such an invasion of privacy. Now, don’t go telling me that I am not who I say I am. I’m proud and loud. Got it!

    And Tre, are you a celeb? Some celebs do some pretty self righteous things, for sure and some step up to the plate for causes for all the wrong reasons. But, from what I understand, Clay Aiken has been in situations of great risk for UNICEF. He hasn’t done anything that deserves such wild and crazy blogging and commenting all over the net. After reading some of this, I took a look at what some people were saying. I don’t think I really get it as to why this kid is being raked over the coals. From all I can tell, he has talent, he does good works and he wants his privacy. I like the dude and wish people would leave him alone. Your stories are lame and old.

  • cindiluwho

    “Now that’s an Idol! One would wonder why AI isn’t taking any credit for it. ”

    Actually Scotty it is not a wonder at all. You see, most of those “awards” and “achievements” were not earned in a legitimate way. The industry knows this. That is why Clay is not respected, that is why people in general have a negative reaction to him.

    Every time Clay issues a challenge to his fans they come through for him whether it be multiple purchases, multiple donations, spamming for awards, you name it. They can do this because they have a well organized internet network. His UNICEF fundraisers are always directed to his internet fans because he knows they will bring him the desired results and subsequent publicity.

    It is not the gay issue that plagues Clay as far as the general public perception is concerned, it is the sincerity issue. That’s where he always comes up short.

    The gay issue is important only to his current fans and he knows that a huge percentage would no longer support him if he came out. The sincerity issue goes right over their heads.

  • cindiluwho

    “But, from what I understand, Clay Aiken has been in situations of great risk for UNICEF. He hasn’t done anything that deserves such wild and crazy blogging and commenting all over the net. ”

    Bob, seems like what you are lacking is knowledge.

  • Scotty

    Claymates are the biggest homophobic group around. If Clay were to “publicly” come out most of them would implode.

    I cannot believe that the Claymates are here pretending like the Paulus incident didn’t happen.

    And I can’t believe another hater has shown up at the mention of Clay’s name.

    I guess you didn’t see Clay’s blog from Feb. 1st. You can read it at Perez Hilton, dated Feb. 2. I think it’s entitled, “Homo Say What?” Such class. Shortly after that John Paulus recanted his story. But he missed the attention (or he rec’d some unwanted attention), so he recanted the recant. Let’s also not forget that he’s publicly apologized 3 times. For 15 months he has cried over an alledged one night stand gone bad.

    The point you’re missing is Clay has said he is not gay. In fact, every tabloid article will tell you that Clay has always denied he’s gay. Yet, he has worked for and employed gays and associated with them as BPJ has proven. Now I can choose to call Clay a liar or I can respect his stance until he chooses to say otherwise. Tell me, why is it if you respect someone’s word it makes you a homophobe? Mr. Bob claims to be a gay man. Why should I doubt him? Should I tell him he’s lying because we all know he’s actually straight? See how ridiculous that sounds?

    You see, most of those “awards” and “achievements” were not earned in a legitimate way.

    And you would know that how? Did UNICEF contact you for a reference in Clay’s character before making him an Ambassador? How about the President of the US, make that the FBI, before appointing him to the Presidential committee? It seems to me that the success of any artist is measured by the strength and loyality of their fan base, which should result in ticket sales and CD sales. I don’t think the bottom line of any record label looks at individual sales…it’s a bottom line!

    Although I know what it is you’re alluding to, I didn’t mention any of those. The awards that Clay has been awarded, such as the one from last night, the fans were as surprised as anyone. Those awards have come from his own efforts. For the past 3 yrs, Clay has worked with his charities the first 6 months of the year and concentrated on his singing career the last 6 months. He has worked his butt off to accomplish what he’s accomplished in 4 yrs. And does he find any respect? Not hardly in such a cynical society as we find ourselves in, nor does he seek it, except he will always find it with his fans.

  • Scotty

    It is not the gay issue that plagues Clay as far as the general public perception is concerned, it is the sincerity issue. That’s where he always comes up short.

    Sorry, but I couldn’t let this go by. Clay has been fundraising for the educational needs of the Afghani children since he returned from there last week. He did the PSA for BPJ. On the Today show this morning, and then two subsequent radio shows, he continue with his plea for help and never once mentioned his summer tour, when the presales for tickets began today. Last night, on Idol Gives Back, it was Kelly Clarkson who plugged her summer tour. And you want to talk to me about sincerity?

    Better yet, why don’t you sincerely tell me why you’re so invested in Clay Aiken, someone you so obviously disapprove of? Are you sincerely trying to wipe out all traces of him? Do you believe the world would be a better place without him? If you truly despise the man, and don’t appreciate his talent, his charity work, or approve of his fans, then what exactly is your sincere purpose for being here? Shouldn’t you move on and find someone who sincerely suits you better? Or do you believe it is sincere to follow blog after blog spewing the same vile hatred directed toward someone you don’t even know? The same vile hatred that many here are fighting against.

  • Kate

    (His cold dismissal of Katrina volunteers still resonates with me still.)

    Except that he NEVER dismissed Katrina volunteers. What he said was that HE was not going to go down to the catastrophe zone to get in the way. There was a very big criticism at the time that celebrities were rushing down there for photo ops.

  • Dena

    I am a 34 year old female and I think Sanjaya is totally HOT. It doesn’t matter whether he’s gay or straight – I’m still going to get excited watching him regardless of what his sexual orientation turns out to be. Why does his sexual orientation matter? Do you all think you’re going to get the chance to have sex with him? Just pretend he’s the sexual orientation that you wish him to be – which ever one suits your fantasy.

  • Carol

    “cindiluwho says:
    I cannot believe that the Claymates are here pretending like the Paulus incident didn’t happen. ”

    I cannot believe you are still here pretending that it had. Paulus has been caught in his lies so many times it’s not even funny any more. Wanna hear his latest?

    Just two days ago, he ‘knew for a fact” that on Wednesday Clay was taking a late flight from LA to New York in order to appear on the Today show. Only, it turns out that on Wednesday Clay was actually receiving the Children’s Advocacy Award from National Center for Learning Disabilities, at, you guessed it, New York City’s Marriott Marquis.

    The more Paulus lies, the more stupid and pathetic he and his defenders continue to look.

  • edie

    The Great Homo Debate ^^^ has driven all reasonable people away from Clay’s internet fanbase, but we’re still out here. He has my respect for trying to have an authentic life in the midst of all the bullshit that surrounds him.

    Ben, you seem like a good guy too. So where’s the interview?

  • Rachel

    Except that he NEVER dismissed Katrina volunteers. What he said was that HE was not going to go down to the catastrophe zone to get in the way.

    He ALSO said that celebrities who were volunteering to help those hit by Katrina, were going down for self-serving reasons, and that he didn’t see a need for their help, as the problems didn’t need attention. It was his excuse for not going down to help, but in explaining his own reasons for not going, he also attacked any other celebrity who was helping, calling into question their motives. It was this comment, that justifies calling into question Clay’s own motives and activities regarding his own “humanitarian” efforts. Obviously, Clay sees no problem with knocking the good works of others.

    But why don’t I let Clay tell it in his own words:

    Washington Post interview – October 31, 2005

    “Are you planning on going to New Orleans?”

    “Oh, you know, I kind of opted not to, at least not yet. At the time that the storm hit there was very little need for me to go down there. I kind of got disenfranchised a little bit, if I’m being completely honest, from all of the celebrity activity down there…

    …For Katrina there was so much attention down there anyway, I think that, in my very personal opinion, I think that a lot of people went down there for the wrong reasons. I don’t think there was really need to bring attention to Katrina, when the news outlets and the media was really doing that quite well on their own. I felt that a lot of celebrities went down there for a self-serving purpose, and it kind of disenfranchised me…”

  • Slumming

    Rachel, read much? Really! Well, you sure need practice. Or, maybe you can’t see through the haze of hate clouding your mind.

    I did NOT say there is anything wrong with being gay. I support gays’ right to marry, adopt children, receive employee/partner benefits, and enjoy all the other rights, privileges and responsibilities assigned to straight people. I did NOT say being gay is malicious. How desperate of you to suggest I did.

    LIES about Clay ARE malicious. The haters are experts at creating and repeating malicious lies about Clay.

    Look at how you twisted what I wrote. Been sharpening your fangs these past four years? Just as you twisted what I wrote, you and the other coven members have made a concerted effort to malign Clay, making up outrages lies just because you can get away with it. Evil fears goodness, and the coven fears Clay.

    “You consider “gay” malicious? An insult? How dare you. Have you no decency. Wake up, it’s the 21st century. Clay doesn’t have a problem with gay people, so why make his fanbase look so bad by engaging in such slurs?!”

    Rachel, I know WHAT you are. Drop the self-righteous bullshit. “How dare you. Have you no decency.” (snicker) Oh please, don’t make me laugh at you any harder than I already am! You and the coven are the ones without decency, and you know it.

    Get over the self-loathing and get on with your life.

  • Alan down in Florida

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves – both sides. This is such an insignificant matter undeserving of any of your time. Instead of bitching and defending why don’t you all get away from your keyboards and do something to make the world a better place.

  • poodle

    studying actually helps!

  • Mary

    I am glad Clay was brave enough to say publicly what I, and many others, were thinking. Celebs rushed down to “help” right after Katrina, and got attention for it. If they really cared, they would be there to help NOW, when the camera’s are gone, but people still need help. Clay has helped. He helps kids every day with TBAF. He goes on trips for Unicef to help bring attention to the needs of others. Why must everyone fight about gay or straight? Does it matter? Clay Aiken is a man who tries to make a change in the world for people who cannot make the change themselves. I respect that. I could not care less who he has sex with. Why do you?

  • myob

    I can’t believe in your sitting around discussing what is the appropriate age for “outing”. Who the hell do you think you are that you can make that decision for someone. I agree that it is not something to be ashamed of, but it should be an individual’s choice as to when, or if, they come out.

    Ben Patrick Johnson and Bob, my new heroes.

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