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The Queerty Interview: DJ Javier Medina (With Photos)

Barcelona’s DJ Javier Medina hits New York for the Matinee Festival over Labor Day Weekend. The fun kicks off  Saturday, September 3, at 11:30pm  in the Fire Island Pines’ Club Pavilion and continues on Sunday, Sept 4,  at 10pm at Manhattan’s District 36. Queerty/ writer Jeffrey James Keyes checked in with the internationally acclaimed DJ, who’s remixed everyone from Gaga to Groove Armada, to see what he’s got planned for the festival, what’s burning up his iPod right now and how he keeps his energy up for those grueling multi-hour sets.


Name: Javier Medina
: DJ
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Favorite City: I feel Paris is closer to my heart—that doesn’t mean I love many other cities!
Relationship Status: “Music was my first love, and it will be my last” —John Miles


What are you spinning for the Matinee NYC Festival when it comes to District 36?
My sound is somewhere between tech house and tribal, I have to feel on the dancefloor which direction to take, so be ready to be surprised!

Have you played New York before?
Yes! New Year’s Day at Pacha NYC for Matinée New York. I have great memories of that one.

What was it like headlining the Matinee CircuitFestival Water Park Party in Barcelona?
Taking part in this massive project with more than 30,000 guests from around the world makes me feel so honored, and specially at the Water Park party which is considered very unique. The result was amazing, I wish there was a Water Park event every weekend!

Best party you’ve spun at so far?
The memories of last two editions of Devotion @ Apolo at Circuit Festival brings me a lot of joy, there is some sort of unexplainable magic, you must experience it to fully understand!

And the best party you’ve been to?
Any party in Ibiza with the right crowd and the right energy—I’m feeling goosebumps now!

Your father is a DJ, right? 
Well, my father was, he retired almost a decade ago, but got the chance to learn a bit from him.

Who are some of your other influences? 
I used to hear a lot of disco, funky, latin music at home, and all Michael Jackson records he ever released in the 80’s. I guess I have a big american influence. Through the years I have shown more interest to american dj’s also, like Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, MAW, just to name a few… America is so big and full of talent everywhere.

How would you describe your sound?
For me that’s really hard, a like so different material… I guess the answer to the first question can answer this one too.

Who are some dream collaborators for you?
DJ, producer and friend Danny Tenaglia, as I admire him as an artist and person, is for sure my number one dream collaborator. I’m also a big fan of Victor Calderone and Tom Stephan. So I hope they all get to read this and make my dream come true one day!

How do you prepare for a huge night like the Matinee CircuitFestival?
The previous weeks I browse through my music, I try to find unique tracks and also produce my own remixes and edits to make my set more special and unique. During Circuit Festival, I try to rest and eat well throughout the day to have energy enough for the night. And I do it almost everyday as in this edition I worked 8 days out of 11.

What sort of pre-show music do you listen to the day of a gig?
I spend the day listening to the music I work with. That’s not really romantic, is it?

How do you stay alert for a five-hour set?
I can go on for a five-hour set when I get to squeeze the energy out of the crowd. I need to feel people is feeling as I feel when I’m playing music. Only that way I get to keep on playing without giving up!

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you in the booth?
DJ booths with bad acoustics really confuse me sometimes. That’s the worst that could ever happen to a DJ: not working in the optimum conditions.

And the best thing?
Having played right after Dj Boris in New York is not something a DJ from Spain could say often. Unless you are Chus & Ceballos!

What are a few songs on repeat on your iPod this summer?
My remix of Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, “White Horse,” Danny Leblack’s “Zumbao,” and my remix of Pagano’s track “Perfect World.”

What songs do we need to download this fall?
The new Carl Cox (USB) album, All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor, which takes the record concept to a higher level.

Where are you off to next?
London, Berlin and Cologne.


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