Sounding Off!

The Queerty Week in Comments: Foreskin Follies, Gaga for Hitler & the Rise of Butter Face at IML

Here is the Queerty weekend post highlighting the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you.

This is a gay site, instead of WTF button, it should be “Bitch, please”

QJ201 suggests on Nominate New Features for Queerty: Better Comments, Different Colors, a Calendar, and more

It’s not exactly censoring the views of those who they disagree with, is it? It’s censoring comments that are expressed in a manner calculated to hurt, which add nothing else to the conversation.

Censoring a post which can be basically reduced to ‘I think you’re weird and shouldn’t be allowed out in public’… there’s no coherent opposing view there, just an insult.

Chris explains on Should Gamespot Censor Comments Against Transgender Reviewer Carolyn Petit?

I haven’t argued this much since my last boyfriend. PC and deLurker are either of you cute and single?

JKB settles 0n Are These Murdering Gay Porn Lovers Getting Raped In Prison?

I did some research and educated myself on the issue. So when my son was born I instructed the doctor to cut off some, but not all of his foreskin. Leave enough to cover the head so the millions of nerve ending are covered and don’t become desensitized, so when he gets a B.J. he’ll be able to climax without jacking off into an open mouth.

Matt_miami gives out parenting advice on San Francisco Isn’t The Only City That Might Ban Circumcision…

If gay guys need a nearly naked female pop singer to lead them, it’s truly a sign of the decline of the gay rights movement. You’ve become dysfunctional bordering on bizarre. If Hitler were to return as a gay rights champion, most of you would be saying what a nice person he is and that we shouldn’t criticize him.

jason makes quite the leap on Why Would Lady Gaga And Glee Censor Born This Way’s Pro-Queer Lyrics?

You’re just arguing about the brand of the knife that’s going to stab you in the back.

Queer Supremacist throws a left curve on Obama Totally Forgets to Mention Marriage in His List of Queer Accomplishments

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: any gay man who can’t defend himself, including the use of legal weapons, is a total doormat. THEY HATE US. Learn how to bash back, harder.

Fitz‘s blood boils over Older Gay Men Won’t Give You Their Parking Space? Just Knock Out Their Teeth

Sounds to me like the cineplex in Gay Hell is going to need a new screen because the combination of Elijah Wood and Saucy Gay Friend has me picturing one of those big-eyed Keane paintings doing snaps in a Z-formation. Which is good really, because even in Hell you can only watch “Boat Trip” and “…Chuck and Larry” so many times.

Caliban goes to hell and back in Thanks Elijah Wood, The World of Hetero Rom-Coms Needed Another “Saucy Gay Friend”

This just causes millions of people, including moderate and progressive Muslims, to draw pictures of the Prophet Mohammad eating pork sandwiches because people grow tired of the fundie hypocrisy.

Danny wages in on The Punishment For Putting Islamic Anti-Gay Stickers In London? $328

The annual porn awards and IML, where bad hair cuts meet bad tattoos. The steroids seem to be on the decline but butter face is on the rise.

ggreen points out new trends on A Taste of Leather: Portraits from Chicago’s IML