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The Queerty Week in Comments: Weddings in Central Park, Repubs Are Lightweights, Bible More Relevant than Thierry Mugler

Time for the Queerty weekend post with ten of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you! And had us chuckling to ourselves in the office.

1. I’m so very proud of the state of New York! Congratulations! Since they didn’t put any residency requirement on this bill, that means any couple from the US can get MARRIED in NY! Ah a spring wedding in Central Park….

ChpInNlr celebrates the historic victory in Happy Pride: New-York Senate Passes Marriage Equality

2. Log Cabin Republicans throw better parties. And are better looking. And have integrity. GOProud was founded by former LCR members who had a problem with that last one.

Queer Supremacist makes the distinction on The 3 Things I Learned At GOProud’s Happy Hour

3. Where would the LGBT movement be, if not for a few brave drag queens standing up to the cops at Stonewall?

JR gives us a history lesson on Should We Ban Drag Queens From Pride Because They’re Misogynist And Transphobic?

4I’ve yet to hear him explain why he included the homophobic hateful rant in his stand up that night? Just one simple explanation? Anything? Not really interested in his apologies and back pedaling, it would be nice to hear him explain why he felt what he said is funny and thus included it in his stand up act. True colors. Apology not accepted. Just go away.

Spike is not sympathetic on How Long Does Tracy Morgan Have To Be GLAAD’s Queer Youth Spokesperson?

5Thierry Mugler? About as relevant as a Swatch Watch. Just reminds me of scraps of footage from artists who did this 25 years ago and with SO much more skill. Models in expensive French underwear, cocks straining against wet fabric, thick ropes stretched taught against perfectly muscled torsos, impromptu wrestling on the beach….TABOO!

drewa24 is not impressed with Exclusive! Not! Nicola Formichetti’s NSFW X-Tube Thierry Mugler Video, “Brothers of Arcadia,” eXamined in Amazing Detail!

6Because the bible has been misused and misapplied doesn’t mean the bible isn’t relevant. The bible recounts history and shows how god interacted with sinful humans taking into account the culture of their time. It’s just a shame that many religions have used this book to further their own agenda and prejudices.

Me (not, not YOU!) gives the Bible a break on Right-Wing Leader Can’t Help Telling Truth About Inevitability of Marriage Equality

7Antoine Dodson, your phone is ringing…

QJ201 spots a trend on Guess Which YouTube Star Is Going Into Gay Porn?

8The “take a chill pill” phrase is sooo 24 hours ago.

Greek makes us feel old on Polis tells LGBTs to Take a Chill Pill on the Obama Bashing

9That’s like saying straight people having butt sex makes butt sex “officially useless.”

erikdsteel finds a way to include the phrase “butt sex” on Is “It Gets Better” officially useless?

10Standing up for your beliefs is fine. Unlucky for Tyree, though, is that it is possible to be a man of convictions AND a man of intolerance. That’s the thing people like Hasselback don’t seem to get – he can unapologetically stand by his beliefs all he wants, but that conviction won’t change the ultimate damage he’s doing to the LGBT community of tdoay and the future generations of LGBT people (and not to mention, the damage he’s doing to his career/legacy.)

Steve comments on WATCH: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends David Tyree as a Man of Convictions on The View