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The Queerty Week in Comments: Obama’s Gay Evolution, Straight Athletes As Allies and What’s T Got to Do with LGB?

Time for the Queerty weekend post with ten of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you! And had us chuckling to ourselves in the office.

1. Logically: if I throw you under the bus, that means I am not on the bus or driving the bus. ERGO: If I am driving the bus or riding the bus, and you end up under the bus, look elsewhere for the cuprit!

Jeffree gets all flustered by the technical misuse of the analogy on Did NY LGBs Win Marriage By Throwing Trans-Friendly GENDA Under The Bus?

2. Ben Cohen is useless, and he isn’t doing anything that’s remarkable except dropping a few words on bullying and equality AFTER he’s terminated his sports career. There’s no gamble. This is nothing but a retirement adventure for him, but you dumb queens sop it up like melted butter on a hot biscuit.

TheRealMannequinAdam got us craving a Ben Cohen buttered biscuit on Bear Rugger Ben Cohen Reads Gay Skin Mags?

3. With the hope that Obama completes his evolution once locked into his second term, I will, of course, vote for him, as the alternatives are rather odious. Will I contribute to his campaign this time? Well, Barack, my views on that are evolving.

James in Hollywood wants an evolved president on  The NY Times Wants Obama To Support Marriage Equality. Here’s One Reason He Won’t

4. Sure it might be weird, but its the natural progression of things. If major league teams start making statements like these in support of their LGBT fans, then they also start to change the climate of professional sports (and by extension, other areas that exercise homophobia) which would make LGBT players feel more comfortable about coming out.

Steve explains on “It Gets Better” Sounds Weird Coming From Major League Teams With No Out Players

5. When gay groups come out against gay rights lawsuits because they don’t want to upset their friends in office, then infighting is EXACTLY what needs to happen.

Cam defends our call to arms to various queer subgroups on Hey Radical Queers In DC And Seattle… QueertyWants To Talk

6. Young voters have 20%+ unemployment and have college debt burdens and Obama has done nothing to ease their pain and they will vote for him next election. Hispanics decided the election in North Carolina and Virginia, yet no immigration reform has been presented, the DREAM Act was only introduced into Congress because they helped get Harry Reid reelected, and Obama has had the highest number of deportations of any presidential administration. Progressives haven’t received any support from the president either, he refused to walk the picket line in Wisconsin and refuses to raise taxes and wants spending cuts, and his core constituency, black voters have received no political support either, yet all these groups that actually matter will vote for him next fall.

Casey makes the argument that the president might have over-committed on Obama: “Of Course I Don’t Support Prop 8, You Dummies”

7. “Will the simple act of leaving the LGB, rather than have them force us out, burn any chances of an alliance?” No, just the opposite. If trans folk left LGBT honorably and because it is simply in the best interests of trans people, you will have the full respect of the LGBs. We will have laid the foundation for a good alliance. I could easily see some gay groups taking a first step toward building this alliance by transferring funds to assist whatever new trans organizations arise once LGBT is over. On the other hand, if we keep pushing LGBT until the point where even the liberal, politically correct gays are howling for an involuntary break up, then it will be hard to shift over to an effective alliance. The Ts will feel attacked and the gays will be so fed up with T issues that they won’t want to think about how we can work as allies.

Debs answers Laughriotgirl‘s question and considers an amicable break-up of the LGBT acronym on Why Is The Trans-Rights Movement 20+ Years Behind The LGB Movement?

8. Rome lasted as a kingdom, republic and empire for nearly 2000 years. Didn’t make it 200 as an officially Christian state. After that, Christianity gave us 900 years of barbarity. There’s not a lot to recommend Christianity as a political system.

the crustybear tells us why the religious right shouldn’t be talking about doomed civilizations on That Foul Odor? It’s the Religious Right Melting Down over Marriage Equality in NY

9. Morning Goods got pretty much nothing but complaints when it was here, then complaints that it was gone, and now complaints that it’s back even at only one a week.

Hyhybt understands how hard it is to make you happy on PHOTOS: Jordan Grows Up

10. She plans on introducing an amendment to ban same-sex marriage, revoke it in the six states; ban ENDA from coming to passage; overturn the repeal of DADT as well as Roe v. Wade. What will be left will be a theocratic, fascist state, an oligarchy of the corporate wealthy, while discrimination of every kind against gay people will be the law of the land.

robert in NYC thinks Michelle Bachman is more scary than a clown on Michelle Bachmann: “I Have The Spirit Of A Pedophiliac, Clown-Faced, Serial Rapist In Me”