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The Queerty Week in Comments: Political Daddy Issues, Work-Out Routines, Hipsters with Internalized Homophobia

Time for the Queerty weekend post with ten of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you! And had us chuckling to ourselves in the office.

1. Santorum backed himself into a corner when he said that his gay friends understood his position. Sorry Santorum, no, they didn’t. And if they did, that’s probably because they were distracted by that bj you were giving them two nights ago.

jcknck explains on Santorum: Some Of My Best Friends Are Homophobes, Err… Homosexuals

2. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over for me and Tracy Morgan. I understand that lots of people work on 30 Rock, that don’t share his views, but as long as he’s on (my fave) show, I really don’t see myself tuning in. It’s just how it is.

Pete n SFO makes his position clear on Remember When Tracy Morgan Told People NOT To Stab Gay Kids?

3. Honestly, he’s so irrelevant that no one cares enough to condemn his actions. Besides, he’s made a career out of such foul language. On to more important things…

D-NYC gets us back to more important issues than Soulja Boy’s Calling Racist Facebook Commenters “White Faggots” Is A Huge Improvement… For Him

4. Apparently, you CAN hide behind the Black community to protect your own blatantly dismissive homophobia. It worked for Eminem.

skzip888 connects the dots on Tracy Morgan: Did I Say I Would “Stab” My Gay Son? I Meant “Love”

5. I’m in absolute agreement with @Joe. Homophobia and racism don’t have to exist exclusively and in this instance Morgan’s statements have elements of both.

I would like to add that saying “Black people” use the word nigger/nigga all the time thus giving it some kind “validation” in the community is in itself racist assumption. I can assure you as a black American, that word was never allowed in my family and to this day I cringe when I hear the word so nonchalantly by any individual.

No doubt there is prolific use of the word in the community, but assuming all blacks approve use of the word is false.

Hutch opens up discussion about hate words and racism on Why Is No One Upset That Tracy Morgan Called His Son A “Little Nigger”?

6. Is he a terrible person. Yes. Is he an asshole for cheating on his wife, who had CANCER? Yes. Do I still want to see his sex tape because it says he has a huge wang? Yup.

spider_orchid sums up our daddy issues for John Edwards Might Be a Criminal But He’s Still a DILF

7. I find it odd that some of us have forgotten that the gym trend started as a practical way to maintain health in early age of AIDS. No Mr. Moylan, taking good care of oneself does not always equal narcissism.

John Wang offers another explanation of why we are so body-obsessed on Gawker’s Brian Moylan Thinks All Gay Men Are Body-Obsessed Narcissists

8. Catholics or any other religion have the right to define marriage within their own church. They do not have the right to define or say how the state or country should define marriage. If the church wants a say in civil government – let them pay taxes, and then they can open their mouths and join the discourse.

KJM wants to see separation of church and state on NY Archbishop Fears Gay Marriage Will Make Us Asian

9. As a 21 Latino gay man in Michigan, I actually do not understand where [the “post-mo” argument] is coming from. I do not agree that we have reached a point where we can be as complacent as they seems to be. A good comment said that the author was reaping the rewards of a generation that fought to be able to have the rights his “post mo” generation has. I agree with the comment. I would love to be able to meet a man, fall in love, and marry him so that one day we could adopt or inseminate in my home state. Instead, my state offers me little protection for my employment, domestic partnership, adoption, while offering me a band aid for hate crimes. Yes we “post mos” can afford to be more complacent, but I’ll be damned if I stop fighting until I can have a wedding so big and flashy they’ll have to make a movie out of it. (I can see the title now, “My Big Fat Flaming Mexican Wedding”) And being “causy” isn’t being “90s gay” its your personality. I will always fight for HIV/AIDS research, demand “gay is ok” sex education, call for education reform of public education, and immigration form. It’s who I am. If I ever met a guy like the author I think I’d laugh and say “oh honey get down from your castle. Your just as much of a bitch as the rest of us.”

Paco keeps fightin’ on Is the Gay Struggle Over? The “Post-Mos” Think So

10. Choi’s reaction might have been a tad extreme, but I agree with the sentiment. It’s pretty clear that as long as we settle for pats on the head and feel good statements as a substitute for substantive progress, we aren’t going to get much of anywhere.

I’m not about to go vote Republican, but if Obama and his minions continue to piss me off, I am willing to reward them by sitting out the election. They sure as hell aren’t getting my money.

Elloreigh comments on Dan Choi At Netroots Nation Commits Conduct Unbecoming An Officer