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The Queerty Week in Comments: Sympathy for Murderers, Not for Marcus Bachmann, Perez Hilton or Bad Disney Renditions

Time for the Queerty weekend post with ten of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you! And had us chuckling to ourselves in the office.

1. An entire history of discrimination against gays and lesbians without any proof that the country has benefited from said discrimination? It looks like the Supreme Court won’t have anything left to do but read a few filings and say okay.

We’ve got several cases challenging DOMA for a variety of reasons – Prop 8 affects its core basis, Golinski has fought it under grounds of equal distribution of benefits, etc. If people keep taking different angles at it, there won’t be anything left unscathed.

Now with this history, and especially coupled with the 80 findings of facts in Perry, along with the still growing rate of acceptance and states approving gay marriage, this battle (and I say this with cautious optimism) is about as good as won.

Steve shares high hopes on Did You Hear About The Amazing Thing Obama’s DOJ Did Over The Weekend?

2. I’m going to take the opposite position and say that we should show him forgiveness. Yes, he did an awful, awful thing and he knows it. Should his life be completely wasted because of it? If Judy Shepard forgave her son’s killers, then I think we should do the same. I he is convicted of the lesser charge, he’ll be in prison until 40. Isn’t that enough? Why make him rot until 70?

Riker shows some sympathy on Brandon McInerney Had To Use A Gun To Stop Lawrence King’s Predatory Use Of Eyeliner

3. For something that he did when he was 17, an age when we all do incredibly stupid shi* without thinking of the consequences, 20 years is a really long time. Yes, he killed a human being, but the US has the highest percentage of its population locked up in prison out of any country in the world, and lets not pretend we’re trying to rehabilitate anyone. We put people in jail for revenge.

Erich makes a point against our criminal justice system on Serving Less Than Half His Sentence, Gay-Bashing Killer Jon Buice To Be Released

4. Well, there is always porn to fall back to.

kitty litter is optimistic about career fallbacks on Glee’s Trouty Mouth Tossed Back Into Blond Lake

5. What about Alan Turing? He is only the father of Modern Computer Science, helped developed modern encryption, discovered how to decrypt Nazi encryption during WWII. Then was chemically castrated when he was found out to be gay.

ToyotaBedZRock gives us a history lesson on Seven Historical LGBTs California Schools Should Teach About

6. If we’re going to call people out on hateful speech, then we should make the effort to be extra mindful of our own.

Chris Lemig advices us to say what we mean and mean what we say on Is It Bullying When Gays Make Fun Of Marcus Bachmann’s Gay Voice?

7. Gay guys hating on fat people. Classic hypocrisy. Yes, I understand you’re targeting one particular person, and not because of her size. But instead of shining a bright light on the terrible things she’s doing, you’re resorting to fat jokes. It show an utter lack of class.

Elloreigh rains on our hate parade on What Will Margaret Srivastav Wear To Patrick Leahy’s Historic DOMA Hearings?

8. I appreciate that he is trying to be healthier, but he lacks credibility considering the terrible things he has written about other people over the years, including calling a baby “fat” and viciously making fun of Rumer Willis’ appearance. So, no matter how much weight he loses he’s still not a very nice person and still just as vain. Maybe more so. He seems like a very insecure person.

Franco sees right through the fit celebrity blogger on Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Perez Hilton?

9. I never thought I could loathe someone as much as I do Sarah Palin, but Michele Bachmann certainly fits the bill. The fact that she would sign something like this is reprehensible but will the mainstream media even cover this? Don’t hold your breath. And a “nice” added touch by saying the African American family was stronger during the days of slavery than it is after 2008. We need to declare war on these bigots!

tjr101 declares civil war on UPDATE: Santorum And Bachmann Pledge to Outlaw Gayness, Abortion, Porn

10. We both know its pitchy! Hey, neither of us are Beyonce.

–Rhea Litre defends her rendition on How a Gay Porn Star and a Drag Queen Butchered Disney’s Aladdin