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The Queerty Week In Comments: Ricky Martin’s In Spain, Ken Mehlman Makes The List, Gays Get Armed?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  


“Bravo to Ricky! This is a good move on his part and I thank God that Spain makes it possible for him to gain legal recognition of his marriage, especially for the sake of his children. It was the responsible thing to do as a father, and the right thing to do for himself as well.”

Hephaestion congratulates Ricky Martin for livin’ the vida loca in Spain, where he just got citizenship, on Ricky Martin Gets Spanish Citizenship So He Can Marry His Baby Daddy




“BREAKING: the NBA Players Union is considering adding a rider to players contracts banning players from marrying Kim Kardashian.”

christopher di spirito predicts the cause of the next NBA lockout, on Kim Kardashian’s Fame-Whore Marriage Ends After 72 Days. And Gays Can’t Marry Because?



“Ken Mehlman will have to work for 5 lifetimes to atone for even half of the harm he’s personally engineered on the gay community. Don’t forget that it was HIS idea to push for all those anti-gay constitutional amendments. He was the one who came up with Phrases like “Anti-Family” and “Death Style.” He was the one who showed Republicans that the easiest way to getting votes was to spurn homophobic witch hunts.

It’s his personal fault that thousands of children sit parentless in orphanages because of his anti-gay adoption bills that he got on ballots where the race was close.

And let’s not even start with the countless gay teenagers who’ve killed themselves because of his legacy of hate.

Yes, he’s come slithering to us now that he’s persona non grata in Washington. Kick him into the on-coming traffic… we don’t need his kind… and we all know that the SECOND that it suits him, he’ll stab us all in the back. Look for his “Ex-Gay Conversion” in about 3 years. Because we all know that he’ll make a few more million dollars when he does that… and he’s shown that when it comes to making money, there is no depth to which he won’t dig.”

Jasun Mark isn’t rolling out the welcome mat for the former Bush minion, on Ex-GOP Strategist Ken Mehlman In OUT 100. Did They Run Out Of Straight Celebrities?




“As much as I hate guns, I think the LGBT community need to embrace the 2nd amendment.”

Cody is ready to lock and load, on  Gay Man Beaten, Stabbed, Set On Fire At Party In Rural Texas



“I am just glad that he lived long enough to hear the news this month that the state church, the Folkekirke, will grant gay marriages soon, probably in 2012. (Denmark was the first in the world to have civil unions but no marriage yet.)

Hvil i fred vores ven.”

Mike gives a fond farewell to a hero, on Danish Gay Activist Axel Axgil Dies At 96