The Race to Register IsCharlieCrist.gay Domain Names


We heard rumblings about this in the past few months, but now it looks like Joe Dolce, former Star editor-in-chief and glasses-wearing homo, is finalizing plans to spearhead “dot-gay,” a top-level domain (TLDs) name that would let anyone register things like www.thatsso.gay and www.stopactingso.gay.

With all the good .coms taken, what are gay businesses and persons to do? Corner the market on the gay web, that’s what. And wouldn’t your business card look great with a [email protected] email address?

But to get everything up and running, Dolce’s team must Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the governing body of domain name extensions. This takes convincing, and money.

Laughably, Dolce’s Dot Gay Alliance is pinning the business venture on gay pride and gay rights and gay identity. Allow us to quote verbatim from their website: “The LGBT movement in the United States began in 1969 when a police raid at the Stonewall Tavern in Greenwich Village turned into a riot that lasted for five days. The idea of Gay Power was born, but very few, except for a couple of hundred activists, thought they had a chance. Against all odds, a movement formed. It pressured the American Psychological Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1975, and finally convinced the New York Times to reverse its ban on using the word ‘gay’ in print in 1987. We built our own economic and political muscle because we had no choice.”

All of which has come full circle in … the ability to one day register a .gay website!

This is funny because, let’s face it, 98 percent of .gay domain names will end up looking like GiantCocks.gay, ScrewMyHole.gay, and TedHaggardIs.gay.