The Real Gay McCoy

Scot McCoy

Being an out homo in Mormon country has to be difficult. So we think it is pretty bold (and very comical) of Utah’s only openly gay State Senator, Scott McCoy, to own a license plate emblazoned with the words “The Gay.”

“I think it’s funny, but I don’t want to reenforce (sic) that that’s all I am,” McCoy said Wednesday, noting he has standard plates on his vehicle now.

The term came from a Salt Lake Tribune story quoting conservative Sen. Chris Buttars’ reaction to hearing that McCoy had been elected by Democrats to fill a vacant seat. “The gay?” asked a surprised Buttars, who then declined to comment.

Unfortunately, the plates aren’t actually on his car. He’s keeping them as souvenirs.

McCoy should take this and run with it. We see the potential for a lucrative “The Gay” t-shirt line here.

State senator has a lot more on his plate than most
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