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The Real Reason Ricky Martin Acknowledged He Lied About ‘She Bangs’

Ricky Martin, who I know likes long walks on the beach because that is how he conducted his Oprah b-roll, says on today’s show he came out in March for his kids Matteo and Valentino, and not to sell a new book an CD as you cynics might think! But I’m pretty sure he came out to warn his kids of the dangers in over-sharing on the Internet. You publish one blog post and suddenly the entire world wants to know about your sex life. Parents beware!

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  • Matthew

    We all know how hard it is coming out, it’s good for him he decided to do it on his terms. Better late then never. On another note, look at Oprah, she looks like she hadn’t gotten sleep for years.

  • Cam

    Ok, he came out for his kids, not to sell a book. Just a coincidence however that he’d had the kids for a while and only decided to come out when the book was coming out.

  • The View

    Don’t miss The View tomorrow, Wednesday,

    Barbara Walters and Ricky Martin will meet again!

  • matthew


  • scribe

    I have been out to both my parents for about 10 years, in a relationship for 17. I hid who I loved and cared about, because I was afraid. The man came out of the closest, lets not judge why. It is a personal road for each of us. Every gay dude or woman need to travel it mostly alone. I tried to kill myself twice in highschool, because of bullies, assholes, and religious nuts. I’m just a no one sitting in michigan; I couldn’t imagine being gay in the public eye, trying to come to terms with who I was…

  • Jackson

    Oprah isn’t lesbian. If she is, then I’m straight and ended up here by accident.

  • jason

    Ricky Martin is a creep. He traded on the “I’m a heterosexual philosophy” that is popular throughout male pop music, using female models in his videos. He’s a phony and a creep.

  • Chris

    @jason: diaf >:O

  • Ash

    Wow, he really is hot. And this is coming from a lesbian. :P

    On a more serious note, congrats to him for coming out finally! I wonder how his career will go now…

  • Hilarious

    @Ash: Probably the way it already went. The man hasn’t been relevant for a good 8 or so years.

  • Alexa

    @cam Exactly. It’s the same reason Clay Aiken gave, but he came out right after his kid was born. A little more believable.

  • Greg


    A lot more believable!

  • hephaestion

    Wow, Ricky Martin is hotter than ever. Totally gorgeous. And a good, well-spoken man. I know he’s done a lot to end the problem of child slavery worldwide.

  • EM

    Ricky Martin is brilliant. I love to see him with his kids. Best wishes to them all. He is so much more of a force now he is confidently out.

  • EM


    Spiteful is a color that suits you.

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