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The Real Reason Vaughn Walker Killed Prop 8: To Get Super Rich!

Oohh, so this is why Judge Vaughn Walker struck down Prop 8 knowing full well he was going to retire: so he could get a cushy job at some high-power law firm!

Maggie Gallagher, in her finite wisdom, explains Walker’s career move: “How could Judge Walker exhibit such gross bias and deliver such an injudicious opinion? The answer appears to be, in part, that it was his swan song. He’ll leave the bench famous, a hero in his hometown, and a hot commodity in whatever private venture he moves into.”

There go the gays, getting wealthy again.

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  • S

    Based on her previous absurd statements, I knew the woman was either completely disconnected from reality, or simply astonishingly stupid. But this remark takes it to an entirely new level.

    With very rare exceptions, any lawyer whose credentials are sufficient to be appointed to the federal bench could have earned (and in many cases already was earning) several times her/his federal salary by practicing law in the private sector.

    If Walker was interested in money, he would have remained in his previous job, partner at a VERY large and prestigious firm. His annual earnings would have been well into seven figures, and possibly eight.

    There’s no point in attempting to educate those people who so cherish their ignorance.

  • Jack

    Dumb bitch.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @ No. 1 & 2

    Sorry guys, and Queerty too, one thing that horrible Maggot Gallagher isn’t, is stupid. This is a very calculated statement designed to resonate with her fellow bigots to entice those bigots to contribute more money to their bigoted cause.

    The better counter to this gibberish is to expose how much money Maggot makes off her hate campaign. I do realize that NOM withholds their financial information, but they MUST file IRS returns showing expenditures. Well that can work to our favor too; without reliable reports, simply claim that Maggot and NOM do not meet IRS standards, do not report how much money is used administration/overhead v. direct action, etc.

  • alan brickman

    How much does she make????

  • reason

    Being a judge does provide people with a level of prestige that a wealthy lawyer can’t obtain. Most lawyers would kill to be a judge, but to say that he ruled on a case to get rich is ludicrous. Any judge that reaches that level is going to rule on high profile cases, and if one thinks that judges are ruling based on future prospects, there are a lot more case to look at then prop8. The truth is he could have ruled either way and a lot of people would have been rushing to embrace him, I am sure the Family Research Council and the like would have been ready to lavish him with cash or get him to some high profile position. He may have even raked in more cash penning a book as the openly gay man who upheld prop8. He probably would have had to move though.

  • S

    @alan brickman:

    Per the organization’s 2008 form 990 (the latest available for viewing on the web), in that year the two highest paid individuals were Brain Brown, who earned $130k, and Gallagher, who earned $26,875.

    However, Brown was the only “Key Employee” that year. It is difficult for me to imagine that the “president” is not a key employee, so perhaps Brown was president then and that office is now held by Gallagher.

  • tavdy79

    @S: I believe that Brian and Maggie have switched positions within the last year or so. Some bloggers have noted a swift degradation in their logic (which, admittedly, was never all that impressive to start with) since the switch.

  • Hyhybt

    I just find this sort of (ultimately meaningless) coincidence funny: iTunes shuffle picked the moment I came to this page to play “Dare To Be Stupid.”

    Yes, of course her statement is a deliberate, well-calculated lie. But, as the old saying goes, you can tell that because her mouth was moving :)

  • Cung Vo

    I see Maggie Gallagher’s like the few weeks old babies’ ass, they all give the shit at unexpecting time.

  • Cung Vo

    I see Maggie Gallagher’s mouth like the few weeks old babies’ ass, they all give the shit at unexpecting time.

  • Paul F

    But look on the bright side, according to fred phelps, Ms.G is a “fag” herself and is going to burn etc. etc.. You know the script by heart after all these years of hearing it ad-nauseum.

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