The Real World‘s Scott Herman Wanted You To Think He Was a Homophobic Meathead (And Then Prove You Wrong)


For most reality TV show contestants, the fame cycle doesn’t even last a full 15 minutes. But Scott Herman, the Massachusetts native currently flexing his abs on The Real World: Brooklyn, has big plans to change that. Namely, the model-actor (hopeful) wants to take his adonis physique from MTV and the pages of Men’s Health to a gig for Calvin Klein and beyond. (Hey, it worked for one CK model.) But for now, we know him as the good looking straight blonde on Real World — conscious of his beauty without too much vanity. And unlike plenty of beefy hetero frat guys we’ve meet before, Scott is not a raging homophobe! In fact, it’s his guy’s guy relationship with token gay JD and his burgeoning friendship with transexual Katelynn that bought the hearts of plenty of viewers … and Queerty readers. We grabbed his ear to see whether the version producers are showing us is really Scott Herman, and why the sexiest guy on the show seems to the be least preoccupied with sex.

I’m just a normal guy doing a TV show, but if I can take that fame that I got and put it toward good use and help my career and help people around me, then I want to take that opportunity and run with it

What makes somebody in your position want to audition for a show like The Real World?

It’s kind funny, because the majority of the cast, including myself, had no intention of doing the show. … I had a client that I trained at the gym for about three years, and for the last two she was telling me I needed to do something to get out of my small town. … She started pushing The Real World in front of me, and all of a sudden after a year of her nagging me to make a video, I made one just to shut her up, and I sent it and to be honest I forgot I even made it. And four months later I got an email saying it’s Round 2, and I was like, ‘Woah.’

So when they say they want you for the show, your reaction is ‘I’ll definitely do it’ or is there hesitation?

When I got the email for Round 2, for whatever reason in my head I just knew I would make it on the show. I had been coming to the city for modeling for four or five months beforehand and something kept telling me not to the move to the city yet … and then lo and behold, the show came and it was in Brooklyn, so it positioned me perfectly to start my career in modeling and acting.

[flv: 340 280]

Walking into this show as a viewer, your profile is the “handsome muscle jock from Massachusetts.” A lot of people in the gay community, that image is so stereotyped. The way that gays are stereotyped, your image is stereotyped, which is: This guy could very easily be a raging homophobe. And, you weren’t — it’s almost a non-issue with you. What is it about you that just breaks that stereotype?

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You’ve already had some success before the show. You had the Men’s Health superlative (“Best Abs). Given your exposure on the show, is this a better experience? Does this further your career? Does it damage it in any way? What are the effects of being on the show when it comes to modeling?

It’s definitely helping me, but I feel right now I have to wait till the whole show airs before I can land some of the bigger jobs. People need to make sure that I’m a good guy. So far the season portrayed me the way I am: a good guy. I didn’t do anything on the show that I would regret, so I know once the season’s done being show on air, I won’t have any regrets as to what they show. But right now it’s kind of a double-edged sword where a lot of bigger companies, I feel — I want to be the face of Calvin Klein … I feel like they’re just waiting to see how I’m completely portrayed. … Modeling and acting is in my destiny, in my future. I’ve always been interested in it.

[flv: 340 280]

Are you still close with JD and Katelynn, the two members of the queer community on the show? What was your relationship with them?

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We see on the show Ryan had a conversation with Katelynn, and Chet seemed interested in anything to do with sex. Especially with Katelynn, I think there’s a lot of curiosity. Is that something you ever talked with her about? Literally, the biology of becoming a transgendered person? Did you engage her about that?

Yeah … I had general questions … the way I went about asking was a little different than Ryan and Chet. My way was more on a friendly basis where I think in the beginning where Chet and Ryan were like ‘Tell me because you’re my roommate.’ Even now, we all get along really great, and there’s no issues with Katelynn and the guys, and we’re all very cool about it. It was just, on the show, wanting to know, and not knowing — knowing, and then having her not tell us, it made us all a little crazy because we’re all friends.

[flv: 340 280]

What’s the deal with Chet? Why is he so obsessed with sex?

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You weren’t ever in those situations where cameras were following you “intimately.” Is that something you walked into the show knowing that weren’t going to allow MTV to pry into? Or was that just a matter of circumstance?

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On a show like The Real World, I think the biggest sacrifice would be privacy. You’re living on a glorified soundstage, with lights everywhere and cameras everywhere. Is that something that came naturally to you?

It was really natural for me. I had mentally prepared myself knowing there were going to be cameras 24/7. If anything, it was the ultimate ice breaker from going from never really being on film to having it everyday, I’m camera-ready every hour of the day.

[flv: 340 280]

You talk a lot about breaking stereotypes …

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Are you dating anybody? Who are you still talking to on the show? Give us a status update.

I still talk to everybody from the show. Out of all the cast members, I’m friends with everyone. … As far as dating, I was dating a girl, and things just kind of fell through with that. For me, it’s been kind of weird. My dating is always very short-lived. I think it’s because at this point in my life the universe is trying to tell me get my career done, to build that foundation before you really start getting serious with someone.

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  • Sebbe

    Thanks for the audio, it really adds to the interview.

    Scott is so the typical Massachusetts “beefy hetero frat guy”, Boston is filled with them from the suburbs, it is actually very refreshing.

    He reminds me very much of my straight hetero assistant at the office, whom I was a little apprehensive about at first. Let me tell you, every gay deserves one of these as an office assistant. They are great.

    Scott is my favorite on the Real World. I hadn’t watched the show in years, but I really enjoy this season. It’s less drama and sex and partying, but everyone seems more relatable.

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^ Dude, they’re role playing.

  • Sebbe

    @Hardmannyc – to a point of course, but I used to work with someone who was on years ago and their personality was exactly the same. Of course the situations are all set up, but the people seem pretty accurate as to who they are.

  • Jack

    Wow, Queerty, you cover your tracks well…

  • ceazer

    The hottest guy on the show? NOT

  • dizzyspins

    he’s mega-cute and could definitely have a future as an actor, but he’s got to lose that Boston accent. Get a vocal coach or something, sweetie!

  • alan brickman

    needs a vocal coach or could just work in crime films…very hot..

  • Mike

    He’s from New Hampshire – not Massachusetts. Focus in.

  • dan

    Seriously? He is more full of himself than JD with 2 [email protected] up his @ss!

  • Eminent Victorian

    People go on this show to craft a persona and try to sell it right after. At least the people who go on stupid reality game shows are up front about it.

  • LADave

    Is it just me, or is his head too big for his body?

  • Sebbe

    @Mike – He’s from Massachusetts and lives in New Hampshire now. Nobody from New Hampshire talks like that, not even the suburbs in NH where people commute to Boston. He grew up in Mass and now lives in Salem, NH. FOCUS IN

  • buttmunch

    don’t see the relevance…. muscles and good acting…?

  • sal

    SORRY but i cant get over the way he hit Katelynn(he would never hit a girl like that) and the way he criticized kat again for wearing her underwear outside(if it was some blond chick he wouldnt be complaining,he would be taking pics),he says he was fair with em LIAR!!his actions spoke louder than his words

  • sal

    …all my friends(straight and gay)said he stepped into the house as a 10 and as soon as he opened his mouth he dropped to a 4 lol

  • Cameron


    No. Many (not all) people in the triangle do speak like that. I lived in Salem NH for 20 years and believe me, it’s a part of the greater Boston area (1/2 hour from the city, don’t forget). Almost everyone that lives in Salem NH came from Mass at one point, it’s a bedroom community.

    Regardless, Scott is a great guy. Nuf said.

  • anthony

    he’s cute, honest and plain and simply a very nice guy.
    now why can’t i meet a man like that?

  • getreal

    I think the gay guy on the show is by far the sexiest.

  • Sebbe

    @Cameron – True although I can’t explain why. I have no desire to leave the city. I just moved from Harvard Square to Back Bay. But I guess if you have a family and stuff.

    I’m not positive about the town, but for some reason I thought the Boston Globe said Acton, MA originally. Its always amazed me, people from the city never have that accent. Its always the suburbs and usually the northern suburbs are stronger. It is kinda interesting.

  • Phoenix (The Angry Nelly One)

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the kid’s accent. So he sorta sounds like JFK. Big deal. I once dated a guy from Harvard with that accent. I thought it was charming.

  • Tonytigger

    he has a body, but his face isn’t that great.

  • Nick

    I’d rather fuck Chet.

  • Cameron

    So the final answer: Shuttling between Lawrence and Salem (divorced parents). And I think you’re looking at the wrong parts of the city… Go to the inner suburbs, Medford, Somerville or like Dorchester and it’s pretty prevalent. Harvard square and back bay… not so much. I guess it is dying though–mostly older people and it seems fairly few non-whites have it.

  • Jonathan

    this kid’s fantastic, not to mention he’s like “Babe,” the Blux Ox, with a soft underbelly…how can you not adore him, whether he’s straight, gay or anywhere in between….what a doll!

  • Sebbe

    Cameron – Ohh Lawrence no wonder. Makes sense. My assistant is from up that way Andover or N Andover I can’t get it straight. All I know is the commuter train takes like forever to get into downtown from there. Of course to me, if I have to go more than 10 mins I am not in a good mood. LOL I rarely leave the city unless its the Cape or out of state.

  • Mike Loredo

    Hey guys I am sorry to disappoint you but I slept with Scott he is a handsome man and YES HE IS GAY…Its hard for him to come out as he told me because of stereotype. He loved me for me but he left me to go to New York. Scott you are my true love I will never forget the day we spent in Connecticut together. Love

    Mike L

    PS: I love you

  • hephaestion

    Scott is the hottest guy on TV to me. Super-hot. And what a nice, well-adjusted guy! I think he’s wonderful. And we need allies like him.

  • buster

    real world has cast 4 of the hottest guys in the 12+ year history of the series! scott comes across as a sweetheart.

  • Cee

    He’s a hot bitch. I just might have to start tuning in this season.

  • scott

    @Mike Loredo: Mike, Are you sure Scott is gay? Maybe he is experimenting?

  • SteveDenver

    @LADave: I thought the same thing when I saw the picture: bad angle, his head looks much too large for his pretty little body. Kind of like a bad Photoshop job.

  • Cambri

    His attitude and whole demeanor is that of a real quality guy that any girl would be lucky to have in her life. I only wish i had that opportunity to meet him and show him what a good texas girl could add to his life. He seems genuine, not to mention his rocking body. ;)

  • Yah Mah


    Yaaaaah! Reppin Lawtown!!
    I’m one of them snitches from Lawtown to Pelham (the next town over). Everyone here’s got an accent like that. I know I do…

  • nachoz

    be a moslem, scott……….otherwise, allah will punish you……..i said this coz i feel sorry with you

  • fredo777

    I love Bostonian accents.

  • Mohammad

    @Mike Loredo: OH my god! are u seriouse,is he realy gay? please say that u are not kiding.

  • Mohammad

    It’s sad when u see a hot handsome guy like Scott who’s got a girlfriend, it break my heart a bit… It’s sad.I wish him being bisexual<3

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