The Reason Some Gay People Dislike Groups Of Straights In Social Settings

I think there will always be gay parties, because… gay men want to be around gay men because they’re looking for sex, for friends, for companionship, but they were also marginalized growing up, so they feel safe in an environment with people like themselves…[But] I think there’s a dichotomy, and that a lot of the gay community is going to straight bars and they’re friends with different people because it’s not such a big deal to be gay or straight anymore. The younger kids have grown up—they’re out of the closet at like 16, 17, and 18. The cool kids are interested in going to the cool bar, not necessarily the gay bar. I do find there are hardline gays who have gone the opposite direction, and they don’t want to mix at all.  We were just on Fire Island last week and one of my close friends got married and had a straight wedding. I think the gay people had more of a problem with the straight people being there than the straight were in the gay environment…

?They’d be like, Who are all these straight people and why are they sitting down? Why are they roller-skating? Why are there families here? For gay guys, it’s almost a danger sign that we’re in the wrong place, it’s weird.

– New York party promoter Josh Wood discussing his career and observations of the NYC party scene with Blackbook.

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