The Red Carpet Turns Blue

Kathy Griffin

The E! television network has made the sinful decision to fire Kathy Griffin from her role as red-carpet lookeyloo at The Golden Globes. And what’s worse, they didn’t even have the decency to tell her to her lineless face. Her lawyer had to hear about it when he called E! Prez Ted Harbert to ask what’s going on with the show.

When Griffin’s people called Harbert, “Apparently Ted told my reps that the E! red carpet is a puzzle and I am a piece of the puzzle, which is a wonderful puzzle piece, but I don’t fit this particular puzzle and that when I see the puzzle, I will get it. I am a piece that doesn’t understand only because they can’t tell me who will take over.
“They kept saying, ‘When you see the new puzzle, you will know it is not a personal insult.’ I was like, are you kidding? I got canned, bottom line. I can’t even be like Star Jones and be like, ‘Oh, I have a book tour coming up!’

Look, E! you can’t survive without the gay audience and the gay audience can’t survive without Kathy Griffin and Renee Zellwegger going toe-to-toe. Bring back Kathy and pronto! Someone who’s not lazy like us should start a petition.

E! Axes ‘Puzzle Piece’ Griffin [NY Post}