The Relativity Of Political “Smears”

Barack Obama‘s opponents would love nothing more than to “smear” him as a Muslim. Thus, as we’ve seen a number of times throughout this election, the candidate has repeatedly reiterated his Christian beliefs. Now, after months of campaigning, Obama’s attempts to eschew Islam have become so numberous that some Muslim voters are wondering whether Obama’s really got their backs.

The debate of course has Obama in a sticky situation, and one with which we gays are familiar:

Obama being accused of being a Muslim constitutes a conundrum for a self-described inclusive politician — not unlike a liberal politician being accused of being gay. Theoretically, those who embrace diversity and tolerance say there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, and yet when one is falsely accused of being gay, or being Muslim, it’s usually by someone who is trying to feed into prejudices.

But if you push back too hard you can seem as though you think there’s something wrong with being gay. Or being Muslim.

Obama better snuggle up to some Muslims!