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The Republican Battle for Illinois’ U.S. Senate Seat Comes Down to Rep. Mark Kirk’s Sexuality

Illinois Senate

That Mark Kirk, the U.S. Representative from Illinois (pictured), might be a Gay is not exactly news. Those rumors, and his beard marriage, have been circulating for years. But hey, the man is known as a flip-flopper: Originally expected not to run for Sen. Roland Burris’ U.S. Senate seat, Kirk is indeed campaigning. But one opponent, “legendary Chicago muckraker” and blogger Internet columnist Andy Martin, who also wants the U.S. Senate seat, is going to hinge his campaign on Kirk’s homosexuality-maybe-ness.

Martin (pictured, below) is “launching an unprecedented series of broadcast attacks on Mark Kirk beginning Monday, December 28th,” he says in a release. “Martin says that Kirk must answer Republican leaders’ questions concerning Kirk’s alleged homosexuality and homosexual relationship in Washington, DC. ‘There has never been another campaign like this,’ Martin says. ‘We are going to turn the State of Illinois upside down on February 2nd, win the primary, stun both political establishments, go on to win election to the U. S. Senate and lead a counter-revolution to Barack Obama’s overthrow of our national institutions.’”


A good old fashioned gay witch hunt! Normally we have to turn to Blog Active to find out which of our elected officials are gay, but the reason Kirk’s sexuality isn’t being spread around by Team Homo? He’s our friend! He’s voted against the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and for ENDA.

But challenged, Kirk must respond. His campaign manager Eric Elk, reports WBBM 780, “says the ad is not true and is degrading to the political process. He says the people of Illinois deserve better.”

Naturally, Martin disagrees: “The issue is not homosexuality, the question is hypocrisy; people are entitled to their privacy, they are not entitled to live public lives in the closet.” Well, only if they vote against gay rights, right guys?!

Oh, and we mentioned Martin is a proud, self-professed Birther, right?

One radio ad’s transcript:

I’m Andy Martin, Republican candidate for United States Senator. I approved this message because Illinois Republicans deserve the truth about their candidates.

I have over forty years of experience and integrity fighting corruption, and fighting for the truth in politics.

I helped expose many of Barack Obama’s lies in 2008.

Today, I am fighting for the facts about Mark Kirk. Illinois Republican leader Jack Roeser says there is a, “solid rumor that Kirk is a homosexual.” Roeser suggests that Kirk is part of a Republican Party homosexual club. Lake County Illinois Republican leader Ray True says Kirk has surrounded himself with homosexuals.

Mark Kirk should tell Republican voters the truth.

I’m Andy Martin a Republican you can trust for U.S. Senator.

Please vote for Andy Martin.

Paid for by Illinois Republicans for Andy Martin.

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  • Brian

    Kirk = United Church of Christ

  • Chitown Kev


    Which isn’t all bad…as far as Christian denominations go.

    His voting record is actually kinda pro-gay…HRC has rated him as a 75-85 on the pro-gay rights scale…that’s pretty good for a Republican running for a statewide office (though not surprising in Illinois…we have a lot of Republicans that are pro-gay).

  • edgyguy1426

    And yet here we sit in Chicago with not even civil unions to show for a solidly dem city since…. when?

  • Chitown Kev


    And that is all on the Dems in Illinois. Unlike NY, we could get a few Rethugs on our side for civil unions…maybe even marriage…

    But still, don’t forget, Chicago is not Illinois and Illinois is not Chicago. There are supportive and progressive pockets throughout the state (especially in college towns like Champaign) but it can get awfully conservative in some parts downstate.

  • terrwill

    Frightwing-nutbag lunatics: How’d that strategy work for
    ya’ll in Houston??

  • LukasP

    I’m more worried about Leadership than “Breedership”!
    I hope Martin comes up with a better platform than “Vote for me; I’m not the gay one!”

    Surely, Illinois politics needs a turnaround–the amount of corruption rivals that of Milan and Rome (Italy…ok?), jobs are leaving the state like geese and the state coffers are filled with nothing but IOUs and promissary notes. When will candidates for State offices actually deal with the I S S U E S ?

    Whether Kirk is gay or not, he’s been no friend to the LGBT communities in the state. SOS to Judy Baar Topinka…..who will settle on a lesser State office.

    Let the debates begin…

  • LukasP

    I was referring to Offices (Kirk/Martin) FROM the state, not OF the state. Sorry for confusion…..

  • FakeName

    It is really far past time that Paul Simon was returned from beyond the grave and restored to his Senate seat. Will someone please fire up the cursed bowtie?

  • terrwill

    No. 8 · FakeName: We already have a Senator cast in that vein in Al Franken. Unfortunately far too many people only associate him with Stuart Little from SNL. I was a regular listener to him on Air America and he is articulate, intelligent, and a very persusaive speaker. Once he gets his sea legs and gets a little more comfortable our side is going to have a great advocate for many years to come…………..

  • FakeName

    Al Franken represents Minnesota. The world would be a much better place with both Al Franken and zombie Paul Simon in the Senate.

  • Chitown Kev


    Agreed about Paul Simon.

    …and if it had to be a Rethug, I could deal with Judy Baar Topinka

  • Conservative Veteran

    In 2002, Kirk’s opponent was a gay man, Hank Perritt, and Perritt took his boyfriend to many campaign events. The largest gay PAC, in the U.S., endorsed Kirk, because his congressional votes proved that he supports gays.

  • Sam

    United Church of Christ was the first mainline Protestant denomination to okay same-sex marriage ceremonies. They’ve ordained gay and lesbian ministers since 1974. They also have a series of ads that feature gay couples and reach out to LGBT people to let them know that they are welcome in the church.

    A little better than “isn’t all bad,” don’t you think?

  • Shirley

    WOW! I think the PAC that No13. Conservative Veteran is thinking of is HRC. I go to Chicago’s HRC Gala all the time. I’ve seen Obama and Durbin there. I’ve seen the openly gay candidate Dem running for US Senate seat against Kirk, Jacob Meister, there. I never knew about Hank Perritt so I can’t say if I saw him there. But, I have never seen Kirk at the HRC Gala. What’s with the HRC supporting Kirk over Hank Perritt, an openly gay candidate. Makes me rethink my support of the HRC.

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