The Republican Effort to Make Ronald Reagan As Queer As a $50 Bill

We’ve been down the “give Ronald Reagan his own bill” parade before, except last time the GOP was pushing for the fortieth president to adorn the $10 bill, giving Alexander Hamilton the boot. Now Rep. Patrick McHenry, of North Carolina, says he has 13 co-sponsors for a bill to put Regan on the $50 bill, firing Ulysses S. Grant. It would give hip-hop artists something new to rap about (Benjamins are so 1990s), and AIDS activists something to busy themselves with.

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  • The Artist

    Why the hell is Ronald Reagan being held as some sort of hero? The man was a total wash as President! Ugh!

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Isn’t Rep. Patrick McHenry that disturbing closet case that has a house full of young men?

  • delurker

    It’s funny how the right wing calls out Obama idolatry but is engaged in furious Reagan fanboi masturbation at every turn. Projection, much?

  • terrwill

    The myth of what a perfect President Regan was is amazing. By his second term he was so far gone with alzheimers he most likely didn’t even know he was the President……….

  • james_cambrdige

    what exactly did reagan do that the republicans have such a hard-on for him? he tried to dismantle the new deal and great society and failed miserably…he didn’t even cut the growth of government…it grew just as fast under him as it did under carter and nixon. oh yeah…he cut taxes for the rich without cutting government and gave us these gigantic deficits we’ve been living with ever since. way to go g.o.p! the only and i mean only accomplishment of your only hero in the past 200 years (since lincoln)was to hand out government programs without paying for them. the g.o.p….the party of deficits and down-low gay sex! what a proud party!!

  • tjr101

    Don’t dare insult Reagan infront of Republicans, that’s their god. Ronald Reagan is one of the main reasons for the vast inequalities in American society today and was one of the greatest charlatans in history!

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    Ronald Reagan ate regularly ate dinner on a TV tray in the White House, presumably in front of a TV. For that he deserves immortality?

    Beam me up Scotty.

  • Kevin

    I’ve got no problem with recognizing Reagan as a great president, but not until Jefferson, Adams, and both Roosevelts get their due.

  • Paschal

    It’s strange when you think that Ronals Reagan was probably more pro-gay than many of the Republicans who worship him. The Californian ballot iniative (Briggs Initiative), which aimed to get rid of gay teachers and teachers who supported gay rights, was defeated after he spoke out against it during his presidential election campaign in 1978. He said, ”Whatever else it is, homosexuality is not a contagious disease like the measles. Prevailing scientific opinion is that an individual’s sexuality is determined at a very early age a that a child’s teachers do not really influence this.” Even though he opposed efforts to repeal laws which made gay sex criminal and opposed gay rights over all, according to his daughter, Patti Davis, he talked about Rock Hudson’s gayness in an accepting and tolerant way. He was actually courageous to take a stand against the Briggs Iniative during the presidential campaign. It’s a pity that not enough politicians can be brave enough nowadays to support gay rights.

  • Hyhybt

    If you want to put Reagan on money, reintroduce the $500 bill and leave the current currency alone.

  • terrwill

    How bout putting James Buchanan on a new three dollar bill……..Instead of queer as a three dollar bill, you can have a queer on a three dollar bill : p

  • tanny

    @Paschal – While it is commendable he used reason to combat homophobia, he did nothing about AIDS and pretty much enabled neo-cons to distort the constitution for violent means.

    We haven’t had a decent president since Calvin Coolidge in my opinion.

  • Hyhybt

    What was so special about Coolidge?

  • delurker

    @Hyhybt: His teenage son died while he was campaigning for re-election. He’s a trooper.

  • Shawn

    Yeah yeah yeah. Blame Reagan for AIDS. Nothing about personal responsibility. Typical for queers. As I recall, Ted Kennedy and Tip O’niell didn’t say squat about AIDS or gay people in the 80’s, so quit regurgitating Janeane Garofoskank’s and Harvey Whinerstein’s talking points. There were only three people who would touch AIDS in the 80’s, and they were Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, and Tammy Faye Baker. And I don’t hear The Chosen One, Barack Hussein Obama, talking about AIDS in the black community. I wish you fucking queers would hold him as accountable as you do Reagan. (and yes, I didn’t forget Princess Di, I was mainly talking about America).

  • delurker

    can conservatives get AIDS from humping Reagan’s corpse? Think about it.

  • james_cambrdige

    @ “shawn”: welcome back michael letterman under your new, gayer name. how’s your fat in-bred trailer park wife? stil fat and slutty??

    @ tanny: “we haven’t had a decent president since Calvin Coolidge in my opinion.”

    really? what was so great about another laissez-faire republican tool whose policies helped lead us off a cliff into the great depression? on the plus side, he and hoover and the rest of them gave rise to the great(est) president f.d.r. and our current social welfare state which despite it’s problems, is a much better society than existed back then. so if you meant through his failures, he lead to a better, bigger government then you’re right.

  • M Parrish

    If Michelle Obama had any guts, SHE would take on AIDS in the black community. Instead she’s taking on fat kids. Aw, gee, how courageous. Maybe she and Oprah can start their own Government Fat Camp, paid for by YOU!

  • Jadis

    This is all part of turning Reagan into a god in the firmament. Morning worship before a huge Reagan painting will me mandatory in all schools.

  • B

    No. 15 · Hyhybt wrote, “What was so special about Coolidge?”

    While he did next to nothing (he was a laissez-faire type), at least he had enough sense to keep quiet.

    There’s a joke (story?) about someone telling Coolidge at a banquet, “Mr. President, I made a bet that I could get at least
    three words out of you.” Coolidge replied, “You lose.”

    When he returned home to Vermont after being president, his equally taciturn next-door neighbor Caleb said, “Haven’t seen you for a while, Calvin.” Calvin replied, “Been away for a while, Caleb.” That presumably was the last conversation they had for the next 20 years.

  • Hyhybt

    @delurker: Interesting, but hardly a reason to think him a better (or worse) president than anyone else.

  • tjr101

    @M Parrish:

    Quite a stretch to get on the FLOTUS. What does this article have to do with Michelle Obama?

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