The Return of Melissa Etheridge


It was great to see Melissa Etheridge strutting her stuff at the Katrina telethon last week. Her battle with cancer has left her out of the spotlight for far too long. We’re fired up over her return this month with the release of her greatest hits album, The Road Less Traveled.

In a new interview, Etheridge still sounds bitter over the messy break-up with longtime companion Julie Cypher with whom she has two children. The girl spills her guts revealing that the two “don’t get along,” that she’s “very angry” and does not “think it’s any coincidence that the cancer was over my heart.”

Wow. Yeah, weighty stuff for sure. But fear not! Our favorite lesbian rocker has found true love again! This time with wife; hottie Tammy Lynn Michaels (she of the short-lived but killer show, Popular).

We can’t wait until the raspy-voiced Etheridge rocks the concert scene once again (she’s touring next year!). Mariah Carey just isn’t doing it for us these days.