The Return Of t.A.T.u.


We wanted to hate them, we really did. Russian pop music by phony lesbians? But t.A.T.u turned out to be one of our guiltiest pleasures a couple of years ago. They initially passed themselves off as carpetmunchers, sucking face in front of the media every chance they had. Turns out it was all a PR gimmick.

Still their “All the Things She Said” had one of the catchiest hooks we’d heard in a long time. And we loved the danceable “Not Gonna Get Us” just as much.

T.A.T.u., now dyke-free, are back with a new album, Dangerous and Moving. And wouldn’t you know it’s just as groovy as their first one. More importantly, the first single, “All About Us,” was written by the guy who wrote Madge’s “Like a Virgin.” You just gotta love it.

And how can you not love someone screwed-up enough to go on record threatening the life of Charlotte Church. Shrieked t.A.T.u.’s Lena: “She should come to Moscow and then I will shoot her in the head.”

Talented and crazy. Just how we like them.

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