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The Sad Attempt to (Literally) Rebrand the GOP


Now is as good a time as any for the Republicans to attempt revamping their image. Especially given this scandal and this other scandal. So a couple of folks (Jim and Andrea, apparently, who are not strict Republicans) with an ad agency background launched, which is, let’s face it, nothing more than a blog.

This is supposed to elevate and restore the GOP’s brand? Good thing they’ve given themselves “eight week[s] (more or less)” to “help the Republican party find its way in these troubled times.” Eight weeks? That’s enough time for at least three more Republican officials to admit to cheating on their wives.

So how, exactly, is this wee blog going to succeed in making America look kindly on Republicans? By inviting Republicans and Democrats to leave comments on their posts! It’s like Web 2.0, without the “2” or the “.”

It’s not as if Jim and Andrea are taking memos from RNC Chairman Michael Steele, but it is just one more example of how Republicans do not understand the Interwebs.

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  • Robert, NYC

    For the GOP of NO, they need a lot more than rebranding themselves. First of all, its not an inclusive party as it claims to be and if it is, why does it never permit the leader of the Log Cabin a say at their conventions? Why doesn’t their party leader even mention the word “gay”? Can they name one piece of legislation they’ve ever authored or cosponsored? I can’t. Until that happens, they’ll NEVER attract younger voters, they have NO message, they don’t believe in FULL equality and they want us to remain apart from society with fewer rights. All they believe in are tax cuts, the maintenance of the status quo, no health care reform of any kind to cover 45 or more million uninsured people, waging wars and meddling in the internal politics of other nations. They deserve to remain where they belong, in exile. They are irrelevant to modern day living.

  • Joanaroo

    Call them GOP? Nah! I call them lying, cheating, stealing, hypocritical, homophobic, slandering, xenophobic, unenethical bastards.

  • Joanaroo

    Unethical, that is!

  • M Shane

    The Republican Party, long ago represented some ideas which may have had some credance. Since then, the organization has stood for and promoted greed and class disparityplacing great milage on the ideas of “individualism” , “freedom’ to take advantage of others for money and power., etc. It has recently become evident that they truely benefit only a very small group of people who engage fools in social issues to get their vots and run a war mill to benefit the corporations and keep the military bloated beyond comprehension. Their last forays into breaking and changing the Constitution have left them looking prwetty drab.
    Like pre war Germany they still have proven an ability to muster the ignorant to a popular cause. I would guess that they are not done doing what they were.

  • Dick Mills

    It’s just “… a bunch of tubes.”

  • greybat

    Gop? Sounds like a fish.

  • Brian Miller

    This is funny.

    “Brand” doesn’t matter when the product sucks. Trying to “rebrand” a Yugo as a BMW doesn’t change the fact that under the slick marketing is still a shitty product.

  • Andrea

    Alright alright. This is rather strange for me because I am in no way a Republican and I’m trying to approach this project as a marketer (hey, I’ve only been in the field for a year) and not as a political fiend.

    I agree that you can’t rebrand anything when the product sucks. But I think that’s the point of all this: where has the party gone wrong and how can it fix it. I don’t have the answer (of course), which is why we’re doing it in a blog — where the rest of the world can give feedback.

    I like the first comment. The party ISN’T as inclusive as it pretends it is, which is a huge problem — and there are members of the G.O.P. who agree with that as well. So what can the party do to have their voices heard…instead of being suffocated by loudmouth right-wing conservatives?

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