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The Sad Attempt to (Literally) Rebrand the GOP


Now is as good a time as any for the Republicans to attempt revamping their image. Especially given this scandal and this other scandal. So a couple of folks (Jim and Andrea, apparently, who are not strict Republicans) with an ad agency background launched, which is, let’s face it, nothing more than a blog.

This is supposed to elevate and restore the GOP’s brand? Good thing they’ve given themselves “eight week[s] (more or less)” to “help the Republican party find its way in these troubled times.” Eight weeks? That’s enough time for at least three more Republican officials to admit to cheating on their wives.

So how, exactly, is this wee blog going to succeed in making America look kindly on Republicans? By inviting Republicans and Democrats to leave comments on their posts! It’s like Web 2.0, without the “2” or the “.”

It’s not as if Jim and Andrea are taking memos from RNC Chairman Michael Steele, but it is just one more example of how Republicans do not understand the Interwebs.