The Sad Post-Perry Life of Profligate Prop 8 Witness David Blankenhorn

“My children wake up and see me called a bigot in the pages of the New York Times,” says David Blankenhorn, the disastrous Prop 8 defense witness engaged in a spat with the NYT‘s Frank Rich. You see, Blankenhorn doesn’t hate homosexuals, just their desire to take over marriage. So feel bad for him, okay?

You’ll remember Blankenhorn, founder of the Institute for American Values, as the guy who, on cross-examination, read aloud from his three-year-old book to David Boies — including the part where he said the country would be “more American on the day we permit same-sex marriage than we were on the day before.” He spent much of his time on the stand bolstering the plaintiff’s case, not refuting it. (This is what Boies was referring to when he called the defense’s case a “predicable disaster.”)

Thanks to his involvement in’s defense of Prop 8, the civil union supporter says he’s “losing friends, being told I’m on the wrong side of history.” Which he is! But he’s not going down without a fight, which is why he’s “recruited 13 college professors to attest to his credentials in a 12-page letter he sent to the Times asking the paper’s public editor to weigh if Rich’s columns were ‘consistent with the Times’ standards,” reports Gay City News. “Among the 13 were two University of Minnesota professors who support gay marriage, including Dale Carpenter, who is openly gay. Another gay marriage supporter from the Brookings Institution, a think tank, signed on as well.”

And while he says playing a role in the debate over marriage equality “is the single worst experience I have had in my public life,” and that he “dreaded getting into it … I feel like the issue hunted me down,” the self-professed “liberal Democrat” still insists he’s only trying to build stronger families. He’s such an expert in this field that, when asked during his Perry testimony about how excluding gays from the M-word does this, Blankenhorn could cite no scientific research backing up his claims.