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The Second Prom to Ban Constance McMillen Has Also Been Canceled

Heh. The second prom for Itawamba Agricultural High School students? The private one? That parents were going to host after the school canceled its own because of their stupidity in working with Constance McMillen? That also wanted to keep Constance out? That one has been canceled too. It’s unclear why — and unclear whom students are going to hate on this time. A third — THIRD! — all-inclusive prom, put on by Empowering Spirits Foundation, and scheduled for May 8, is still a go.

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  • terrwill

    <em<DAMM! All the preggers 16 year olds now miss out on the chance to purchase that $299.00 Complete living room set (including tables and lamps) while swirling to the casette boombox music in their WalMart $15.99 prom dresses…………… : p

  • charles

    There was probably infighting, not inbreeding this time, amongst the many hate filled parents involved the private prom.

  • terrwill

    @charles: I think the way most of these hate filled parents were ,concieved was thru inbreeding………. : P

  • AlwaysGay

    No. I’m thinking not enough parents wanted to pay for the prom.

  • jeffree

    I *really* want a ITAWAMBA AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL teeshirt & matching gymshorts for my birthday in case u were struggling w/ what 2 buy me!! April 17 is the date.

    The t-shirt will be a collecters’ item on EBay after they HAVE to change the name of the school & town because of all the *bad publicity* theyre getting.

    These jesus-luvvin’ god-fearin’ nutbagger mountain-dew swiggin’ ItaWAMBATS cannot even organise a dang P/R/O/M/ to celebrate that the lesbian girl leaving town as soon as she can. Their spite is out matched by their stoopidity.

    @ Mr. Terrwill: the prom dresses have already been marked down to $11.99!

  • aalan brickman

    the other kids will be pissed….of course…fire the trustees already….

  • Allan

    Great job Empowering Spirits! Keep up the great work.

  • jeffree

    @aalan brickman: fire the school board, the principal & asst principal, the dean, the Social Committe & the legal geniuses who got involved in this hot steaming mess of cancelling prom too, please.

  • terrwill

    @jeffree: Jeff, Just saw a special on them internets! If ya purchase a 25 pound tub of lard, ya get an additional 25% off!!!…………

  • Cam

    All that these people are showing me is how weak, ineffective and wimpy the straight people in Mississippi are. Look at them, scurrying away, terrified of one single high school girl who has the bravery to be herself in the face of all the shame based, “what will the neighbors think?” Passive agressive B.S. that is small town southern culture. ONE girl decides that she won’t play their little “wink Wink Nudge Nudge” game of “Oh, those two nice bachelors at the end of the block just haven’t found the right woman yet.” and the entire town and school are running terrified. She has pissed off every person there who has played the game and was too afraid to be honest in their own lives, whether that meant dating somebody of a different race or religeon, Dating somebody not in the families social circle, taking a job outside the “Acceptable” etc… They are all small, pissed off, terrified little wimps running away from one single high school girl. Pathetic.

  • GeoffM

    Prom aside…..I’m just a little worried for her. School is tough enough, plus she’s gay, she’s out, and probably viewed by her peers as being responsible for both proms demise, AND adding insult to (perceived) injury, she’s received acclaim and money to boot.

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