The Self-Hating Gays Who Will Wish Themselves Straight One Day

HOMO HOMOPHOBES — If Tyra Banks isn’t introducing the world to gay-for-pay porn stars, she’s bringing America’s homophobes into our living room. It makes for great TV, but not a positive message. (But since when were we ever advocates of that?) But this is television, so there’s a twist: The men on her show this week who hate gay people? They’re fags. And:

They’ve set deadlines for turning straight. Ugh. Get a wastebin to either vomit in or throw their self-hatred.

Especially for Shane, who’s ashamed of effeminate gays — since men are supposed to be “alpha,” and if they wanted to be feminine or girly, they should get a sex change. Shane also thinks of older gay men as “creepy.” And this screaming queen can’t stand the look of other penises, but puts up with it to hook up. Ahem. His ex-girlfriend is also now dating his ex-boyfriend!

Pray these are all paid actors and made all this up to be on TV. And if not, that they’ll have an outlet for their self-hatred other than themselves.