The Sex Change Of JT Leroy

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New York Magazine was the first to break the story that hide and seek author JT Leroy might indeed be a she. And by a she, they meant a middle-aged hippie. They also alleged that the person strutting around town claiming to be JT is really a decoy.

The New York Times has torn the penis off of JT, revealing that the decoy is actually a chick: the half-sister of Geoffrey Knoop who is dating the aforementioned middle-aged hippie, Laura Alpert. Alpert is said to be the real writing force behind everyone’s favorite AIDS-inflicted former West Virginia truck stop hustler turned writing sensation.

Turns out Ms. Decoy’s real name is Savannah Knoop and the Times has discovered some modeling pics of the twenty-something chameleon.

JT, whoever it may be, had only this response to the Crying Game twist:

As a transgendered human, subject to attacks,” the statement read, “I use stand-ins to protect my identity.”

In the past, JT Leroy has invoked transgenderism to explain confusion over his identity.

Gender confusion has never been this, um, confusing.

After the jump, screen grabs of Savannah, stripped of her top hat and dark sunglasses, striking a pose as her androgynous self.

The Unmasking of JT Leroy: In Public, He’s a She
[NY Times]
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