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The Sexual Chemistry Between Steve Valentine + Robert Tristan Is Entirely For Show

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Well this is just fantastic. Steve Valentine and Robert Tristan, LA-based ballroom dancers, are heading to Cologne at the end of the month to compete at the 2010 Gay Games, where they’re looking to repeat their success at Follies and La Fiesta de Montréal, Canada’s same-sex ballroom dancing championship, which they won.

“Though similar to standard ballroom, gay ballroom requires a physicality that brings unique challenges—a basic one being who will lead,” notes Raha Lewis in the LA Times Magazine. “It’s not unheard of for couples to switch off in the dominant position. Even Valentine and Tristan agree watching same-sex ballroom can take some processing. ‘The first 10 minutes is strange, but after that, you just watch the dancing,’ Tristan says. In all ballroom dance, there is undeniable sexual tension, even among platonic pairs. ‘On the dance floor, it’s like making love,’ Valentine says. ‘We work with each other’s bodies continuously.'”

Not in that way, perv. While they’re both gay, they’ve never dated each other. Or anything else, they insist.

But whatever would Nigel Lythgoe say?