The Shocking Truth Behind Oprah’s Shocking Weight Gain – Revealed


What do you mean you don’t care about the “Oprah is a lez” storyline? You think just because you read it on the Internet somewhere it is true? Wrong. Until it appears on the cover of a respected check-out aisle publication, there is no truth.

Alas, The Globe is trafficking this week is recycled news, but with this update: The reason she’s been gaining weight is because she’s so nervous someone is going to spread gossip about her and Gayle King’s relationship. Biographer Kitty Kelley, who’s pissed off everyone from the Bushs to the Sinatras to the Reagans, has been kicking around a supposed Oprah tell-all since at least 2006. “I can’t imagine Oprah cares about this book,” blogs Boy Culture‘s Matthew Rettenmund, “even though I don’t believe her when she (repeatedly) says she isn’t a lesbian.” Except, Rettenmund would be wrong: Oprah has been using all her pull to keep the book from surfacing. And it hasn’t, yet.

Which explains why Oprah snagged the No. 41 spot on Forbes‘ annual “100 Most Powerful Women” list — just one spot behind Michelle Obama.