The Shocking Truth Behind Oprah’s Shocking Weight Gain – Revealed


What do you mean you don’t care about the “Oprah is a lez” storyline? You think just because you read it on the Internet somewhere it is true? Wrong. Until it appears on the cover of a respected check-out aisle publication, there is no truth.

Alas, The Globe is trafficking this week is recycled news, but with this update: The reason she’s been gaining weight is because she’s so nervous someone is going to spread gossip about her and Gayle King’s relationship. Biographer Kitty Kelley, who’s pissed off everyone from the Bushs to the Sinatras to the Reagans, has been kicking around a supposed Oprah tell-all since at least 2006. “I can’t imagine Oprah cares about this book,” blogs Boy Culture‘s Matthew Rettenmund, “even though I don’t believe her when she (repeatedly) says she isn’t a lesbian.” Except, Rettenmund would be wrong: Oprah has been using all her pull to keep the book from surfacing. And it hasn’t, yet.

Which explains why Oprah snagged the No. 41 spot on Forbes‘ annual “100 Most Powerful Women” list — just one spot behind Michelle Obama.

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  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Thanks for the link. I could very well be wrong! I really like and respect Oprah, but I think the Oprah & Gayle as friends act is silly. I could be wrong about them being lovers, too, but I’m more likely to be wrong about her caring about the book than I am to be wrong about the true nature of her affiliation with Gayle!

  • Jeffrey

    If Oprah were gay (which she isn’t), she surely would not have a problem admitting it. I get so sick of tabloids and people always trying to make everybody out to be gay. Hey folks!! Guess what?! Not everybody is gay. Get over it.

  • red phone

    Jeffrey, I don’t have an opinion about Oprah’s sexuality either way, but I’m curious what makes you so certain she’d have no problem coming out. I can think of about one billion reasons she would opt to go the “safer” route.

  • ben

    The only, only, only reason anyone ever cites for Oprah seeming like a lesbian is her close relationship with another woman who is of the same age and also unmarried.
    This is the same level of insight your straight friends are employing when they ask you why you aren’t married and settled down with your gay best friend.. just because you’re both gay.

    Also, Red Phone, Jeffrey is likely so certain she would tell us if she were gay, because she had said, on air, in no uncertain terms that “If I were gay, I would tell you”.

  • anonymous

    @ben: “because she had said, on air, in no uncertain terms that “If I were gay, I would tell you”.”

    Didn’t she further say something to the tune of, “because there is nothing wrong with being gay”?

    Idk, I’ve always seen Oprah as a pretty big ally, she used to do unbiased coverage of the gay community in the ’80s/early ’90s pertaining to AIDS. I remember her also doing a story on her cute gay decorator’s tragedy when his partner died in the Thai tsunami.

  • AlwaysGay

    Oprah told Ellen that after she appeared in the Puppy Dog episode where Ellen came out she recieved the worst mail in her entire career. Oprah knows how devasting coming out will be to her career. No one will look at her the same, they will try to masculinize her and accuse her of lying. She will not be trusted again. Trust is a big reason she is so successful, many people take her word at face value.

  • robert

    Its the same silly nonsense about men who are single, not dating anyone. They get to a certain age, say their late 30s, early 40s or older and if they’re not dating any woman or seen with one, they’are assumed to be gay, especially when they are celebrities. Why are the men singled out more than the women though?

  • spindoc

    IT could also be due to the fact that she and her supposed boyfriend are never seen together, and she is always seen out with her friend Gale. That is either the sign of a shitty relationship or a cover relationship. Why would Oprah stay in a relationship with Steadman where they didn’t enjoy spending time together?

  • CPT_Doom

    I have no idea whether Oprah is a lesbian, but I have a real problem believing Gayle King is. She was an anchor on our local CBS affiliate back before the Oprah tidal wave hit, and was happily married at the time (although they later divorced). She has been seen in the company of many men since her divorce.

  • Geoff M

    I’m more excited about the other front page story re Sarah Palin than Oprah and Gayle.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Oprah you are a class act and I couldn’t care less about where and with whom you sleep. It is no one’s business but your own.

    Oh, and by the way, I am so glad you have put Steadman (Mr. Oprah Winfrey)Graham so far on the back burner he is now a forgotten item, which is where he belonged all along.

    Congratulations on the Whitney Houston interview too.

  • Julian Edward Domain

    Isn’t she one of the most generous rich people in this country? Doesn’t she know the world will love her out or not?

  • Andrew

    FAT = LAZY

  • hephaestion

    … and Heidi Klum is really a man, too.

    We should always believe everything in the tabloids. They are never wrong.

  • hephaestion

    @Andrew: Fat=Lazy? Where did you get a whack idea like that? Fat people do 90% of the work in this country. Seriously, the idea that fat people are lazy is very misinformed. I can give you names of about 300,000,000 lazy skinny people.

  • SouLKid

    @Andrew: “fat=lazy”? Oprah is anything but lazy.A classic American rags to riches story. How can she achieve all that if she was lazy? I’m sure Oprah would be the first one to tell u to get off your lazy ass and do some work.

  • Helga von ornstein

    @spindoc: I think the question should be asked to Steadman as to why would he stay in a relationship with a woman who only brings him to the spotlight when needed.

    I saw Stedman for what he was (or at least I strongly felt) years ago and the one I truly felt sorry for was Oprah. She had no other choice but to drag this human leach around with her because it was the early 1980’s and with Reagan, Fallwell, Pat Robertson and company all in tow she would not have lasted on day and we ALL know it.

    Things were way different back then. I know from the comments made in the articles posted on these site many of you do not remember ONE day ever when there was no cable tv or cd’s and video recorders.

    Oprah took the right road to her empire and I shamelessly admit that if I had ever been offered an opportunity to create an media empire where all that was required was to keep up a believable hetro-sexual front I would have lept at it in a heartbeat.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think David Geffen was what one would call “out of the closet” during the early years he was building his? Or was Elton John when he first hit it big and started touring to sell-out crowds? And let us not forget the grand old queens of showmanship, Liberace and Little Richard.

    Though Adam Lambert does sing old school songs he, Tyler Perry and others of the new gay generation are out of my “time zone” to comment but I am sure you get my drift. Make it big first, create an empire, and then come out if you feel it necessary to do so.

    You know, when you really stop to think about it, we have some very smart business minded “family” members in show business.


  • me

    it’s right in her name

  • Andrew

    @SouLKid: You can’t be FIT and LAZY. Oprah is NOT FIT.

  • Philip A


  • GBM

    I think some of you bitches need to concentrate on equality than Oprah…..Ms Hauslib would only hope one to day to amass that fortune.

  • Paula

    I simply DO NOT understand this logic. Oprah is a respected and admired woman in her own right and she does not need to prove that she is straight (or otherwise). Why does she NEED to hide it if she is gay? I just think its wishful thinking on the part of the author! There could have been a number of reasons why the book’s not out yet. I could think of a few-how about inaccuracy?

  • mk

    So when is a book coming out about the other highly popular tabloid story line about Oprah? The “Oprah is in a torrid love triangle with the Obamas and jealous Michelle is trying to get that homewrecker away from her man!” story line.

  • NewYorkness

    If O is for Lesb-O, then why does she care esp. when that is what everyone else believes … doesn’t she read what they are saying about her?

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