Kim Kardashian’s Knuptials, Glee Project Finale Stunner, SATC 3?!?, And More…

Lady lovers Ellen DeGeneres and Lindsay Lohan were among the celebs invited to Kim Kardashian‘s fundraiser wedding to Kris Humphries on Saturday. (See clip above.) No word on whether they’ll be asked to the second ceremony later this fall in New York. (Does this mean we have to send another gift?)

Speaking of weddings, out country singer Chely Wright married her girlfriend, LGBT activist Lauren Blitzer, on Saturday in Connecticut (where it’s legal). The pair met shortly after the “Single White Female” singer came out as a lesbian in 2010. As the day started, Wright tweeted, “Lets get this party started!”


Despite rumors of another TV show and a prequel with a new, younger cast, Sarah Jessica Parker confirms a third Sex And The City movie with the original cast. “There is. I know what the story is. It’s a small story, but I think it should be told,” SJP tells Parade magazine. The question is, what’s the right time to tell it?” Start thinking up those Golden Girls jokes now.

Veteran porn star turned legit actor and sometime singer Colton Ford has released a cover of Robyn’s “Every Heartbeat.” It’ll appear on his new CD, Under the Covers.


Surprise ending to The Glee Project: Dreadlocked rocker Samuel Larsen, 19, and Irish  boy wonder Damian McGinty, 18, were both named winners of the debut season of  Glee Project on Sunday and will both appear in a seven-episode arc on Glee. Producer Ryan Murphy was so impressed with openly gay contestant Alex Newell, 19, that he’s putting him in two episodes, along with fellow finalist Lindsay Pearce, 18.  


Speaking of Glee, Puck, a.k.a Mark Salling, celebrated his 29th birthday with co-star Cory Monteith at Las Vegas’ The Cosmopolitan Hotel.


Another Power Rangers gay-sex scandal? Michael Musto reports that Najee De-Tiege, who starred in Power Rangers Samarai has a profile—or at least his photo—on the escort site “I don’t begrudge it at all. It’s an honest living—and besides, just like with that last guy we found on that site, I’m sure he’s just offering a massage,” writes the legendary gossip monger. (Update: The profile has since been removed. Aww!) Blue Power Ranger David Yost came out in 2010 and, back in 2006, rumors circulated that former Red Power Ranger Austin St. John was appearing on under the name “Brock.”


More wedding fever: Entertainment journalist Jim Colucci and humorist Frank DeCaro (The Daily Show) tied the knot last week, live on the air, on DeCaro’s SiriusXM show, OutQ. Comedian Lizz Winstead performed the ceremony and, on Facebook, DeCaro praised their wedding singer, R&B/pop artist David Raleigh, on Facebook. “He sang “One Together” and “Don’t You Know.” So talented and so key-ute!!!”


The Concise Oxford English Dictionary added 400 words to its new 12th edition including some of particular interest to the LGBT community, like “cyberbullying,” “jeggings,” “mankini” and “sexting.” We’re starting a petition to get “kiki” in the next version.


The homophobic Florida Family Association is claiming victory now that General Mills has joined GM and ReMax in pulling its ads on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars because teen character Emily (Shay Mitchell, right) came out as a lesbian. (Not because of stories with student-teacher sex, murder, blackmail or  shoplifting, though.) General Mills told the action was unrelated to the storyline, but had previously thanked FFA for bringing the matter to their attention. We just wanna know if we can keep eating our Count Chocula!



Images via David Shankbone, Lauren Blitzer, Oxygen , Frank DeCaro and ABC Family