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The Single Best Ad for Marriage Equality in Recent Memory, Created by One Guy Who Cares in Minneapolis

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win some hearts and minds. Powerful, smart, beautiful, and compelling. Can we get this on the televisions, please?

Nate Maydole created the video in response to all the anti-gay rhetoric flying around right now in Minnesota. He had some powerful inspiration: his close friend Madeline Koch, the Republican Minneapolan whose powerful pro-equality testimony moved many of us to tears a few weeks ago.

After Madeline’s testimony, Nate turned to his trusty After Effects and Final Cut Pro to create one of the most compelling commercials for equality we’ve ever seen.

In fact, we were so impressed that we tracked Nate down to ask him a couple of questions. And as it turns out, he’s got quite a few awesome video projects under his belt.

Check out the details after the jump — and here’s hoping that his excellent work will inspire more videos to come.