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The Single Best Ad for Marriage Equality in Recent Memory, Created by One Guy Who Cares in Minneapolis

QUEERTY: Was there a specific incident or person that prompted you to create the video?

NATE: Madeline Koch’s testimony in front of the Senate really motivated me on the topic at hand. The video came about because I wanted to help out while using the skills and resources I have.

Q: Have you ever made a video like this before?

N: I create a lot of videos across many platforms. I’ve done quite a bit of kinetic typography in the past but this is my first politically influenced video. One of my daily video projects is Nate’s Word — you can see it here:

Q: Why doesn’t the video identify any of the speakers?

N: I wanted it to feel like it was one voice without any other distractions. The goals were to make is simple, powerful, and short. The respect to the speakers, I did add all of their credentials and links to their videos within the description.
Q: What did you use to create the spot — are these tools that are available to anyone with a computer?

N: I created the spot with After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Unfortunately you need to purchase these programs.

Q: We noticed you have another video with Madeline Koch — are you and she acquainted?

N: Madeline is a very close friend of mine and we’ve done a lot of work together. She is also part of Project 515 which is an organization that I’m very supportive of.