The Situation Is Going To “Rip Snooki And JWoww A New One” For Calling Him Gay

There are a number of ways for a celebrity to respond to gay rumors and it looks like The Situation has chosen to go with “angry denial.”

Mike Sorrentino’s Jersy Shore castmates Snooki and JWoww gave an interview to the Huffington Post recently, in which Snooki proclaimed she’s bisexual and they both indicated The Sitch might be gay after all.

After calling Mike’s posture and the way he holds his ciga\rettes effeminate, JWoww said of his sexuality: “I can’t confirm or deny with Mike, but if he was [gay], it would all make sense.”

Today, a source has told Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist Bill Zwecker that the Situation is “extremely upset” with the Snooks and JWoww.

“Mike really ripped both Snooki and JWoww a new one,” the source said. Interesting way to phrase it. The Situation’s apparently worried that these rumors “could hurt his brand marketing efforts, which are very much focused on straight male customers.”

Note to The Situation: Your brand appeals to body-obsessed gay men way more than straight dudes.

The gay-sanctioned Way To Deal With Gay Rumors: be playful and say you might be a little gay  or that you’re flattered. Works for Tom Hardy, Daniel Radcliffe and James Franco.

Photo: Village Voice