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Dining In And Eating Out With Chris Salvatore, Renaissance Man

The Six Pack is an interactive podcast hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin featuring guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics and pop culture, and lively debate from a modern gay perspective.


SIX PACK SHORT: The Road to Salvatore

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What’s On This Week’s Episode?

Chris Salvatore calls in as he prepares to head east from Los Angeles to New York City.  Last time Ben and Dave spoke with him, The Six Pack wasn’t even The Six Pack yet—and he was Skyping while in bed with another man!

He’ll be in the Big Apple to perform at Gumbo on Friday at the Canal Room. But it’s not just about music with this Salvatore—he’s also one of the hottest hunks in the Eating Out film franchise. (Shameless Plug: Eating Out: Drama Camp is out on DVD October 25.)

Oh, and he plays a keytar. Renaissance man, indeed!


Images vis Chris Salvatore, Jonathan Clay Harris


ben and daveDave Rubin is a stand-up comedian, TV personality and blogger. Ben Harvey is a radio DJ, TV personality and event producer responsible for the monthly Gumbo party in New York City. E-mail the show at [email protected].

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  • Thomas

    Renaissance man? Please.

  • Stephen

    Tool. Can’t sing.

  • Kel

    Opens his mouth and that Louie Vitton falls out…

  • Aaron

    As much as I love the Eating Out franchise, Mr. Salvatore needs to cut the crap and suck some dick on camera.

  • Cinesnatch

    omg. LOL. Nothing like randomly clicking on a queerty post and getting a string of LOL-bitchiness! I don’t know if I would appreciate these comments as much if I were straight.

  • jj

    “cut the crap and suck some dick” – I almost spit out my drink!

  • ~PR~

    minority here, I guess… but I like his music.

  • phallus

    He has nice tits :)

  • Dean

    Soon to be gay porn star. But everyone has already seem his dick, so maybe not.

  • JoeyB

    He should call Chi-Chi LaRue.

  • Jaroslaw

    He sings fine. I’d like to hear him do a different style better suited to his voice though. And yes, he is handsome as can be. Had to wonder why he’s complaining about his love life though!

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