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The Soap Star Who Quit Over Having to Kiss Another Guy


If you’re still watching daytime soaps, you’ll know Young & The Restless has been trying hard to introduce a gay storyline, given all the buzz As The World Turns enjoyed from Luke and Noah. And producers thought they had one with Chris Engen, who’s been playing Adam Wilson since last year. That was until Engen walked off the set when the script called for him to kiss another dude.

One rumor going around is that the storyline goes against Engen’s personal beliefs; he graduated from the Bishop Montgomery High School in California and is reportedly still involved there.

Engen’s character has been going down a darker path (trying to have his father killed, going to prison, pretending to be blind to get out of prison). His next stunt was to become lovers with the character Rafe Torres, played by Yani Gellman. Because, you know, gays make great villains!

Reports “Months of frustration over the direction of his storyline and lack of airtime exploded in a confrontation between Engen and the show’s production team. According to sources, Engen has long felt that the writing for Adam was going in the wrong direction.”

If Engen had any hope of making amends and returning to the set, it looks like he lost his chance: Reports say his replacement has already been cast (even though he’s still under contract).