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The Soon-to-Be 4 Alarm Fire Coming From Anderson Cooper’s NYC Bedroom

You’ll soon be able to drive a fire truck through Anderson Cooper‘s opening … to his new pad. The CNN weatherman, who’s opted to report live from Haiti for at least another week and further cement the tight tee trend, will soon be moving into his new West Village firehouse home in New York, which he bought in September for $4.3 million (down from the original $4.75m listing!).

No longer housing to New York’s firefighters — the company shuttered in 2006, thanks budget cuts! — the West 3rd Street digs will soon be where Cooper lays his head to rest at night. We’re also told bar owner boyfriend-of-two-years Benjamin Maisani, whom the Post describes as a “close pal,” is moving in, and that the deed might actually belong to them both, although business manager Carolyn Rossip Malcolm’s name is on the deal.

So why haven’t the twosome already moved in? Because they’re busy renovating it, silly. Which is actually a touchy subject, because the firehouse might be named to the National Register of Historic Places, which would give Cooper tax breaks on the property, but also limits his ability to make aesthetic changes to the abode. Not that Anderson would dare tear down the firehouse exterior or even doing away with the pole running through it — the are theme parties to be had!

(Top photo: PCN)

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  • romeo

    Sounds like he got a bargain on it. But does it have an elevator? The pole only works going down. LOL

  • Lucius vorenus

    Imagine the fun this couple is going to have with the house. All the games they can play. All the fantasies they can fulfill…

  • scott ny'er

    queerty said: The CNN weatherman, who’s opted to report live from Haiti for at least another week

    so, Cooper is now a weatherman?

  • Chuck Martens

    to Scott NY’er: Queerty never lets fact get in the way of a good story!

  • Cam

    Stand back and wait for the Anderson Cooper fanboys to come in here screaming “HOW DARE YOU INVADE HIS PRIVACY BY HINTING THAT HE MIGHT BE SOMETHING AS GROSS AS BEING GAY!”

  • romeo

    Cam: LOL We’ve never seen THOSE kinds of fanboys in here. LMAO!!!

  • sebastien

    The guy must be fed up to be the muse of all american gay blogs….

    He wouldn’t come out either if I was him. he takes enough gissps and stupid headlines on here like that. Imagine if he did!!!

  • Mike L

    So many jokes about going down their pole (the one from the house of course). OMG having a pole you can slide down from an upper floor sound so FUN!!!

  • B Damion

    I like the Cooper. He seems like cool peoples.

  • B

    I’d slide up and down his pole.

  • Scott

    I’m jealous. But, if it couldn’t be mine, I’m happy to him/them.
    You know the renovation is going to be beyond fabulous.

  • Patrick

    I do hope they tone down the garish red and white door surrounds.

    I imagine they will be able to afford the taxes historic designation or not.

  • Patrick

    I wonder if they will get a Dalmatian.

  • Cal

    AC’s been dating Ben Maisani for two years? I thought it had only been a year. That’s going to be an amazing place when they get done with it. Looks like Anderson’s going to miss his bf’s birthday party at Eastern Bloc tonight.

  • L.J.

    @Cal: He may miss the party, but from what I hear, Ben will get his birthday swats when the Coop gets back! See you tonight.

  • Hunter

    @L.J.: Have you seen the Coop’s guns? Not just birtday swats, blazing birthday swats!

  • terrwill

    @Patrick: Priceless! : P

  • joeyB

    are they adopting Haitian refugee babies?

  • CooperComeOUt

    a close pal? A CLOSE PAL?!! WTF! what is this, 1932? media again being coy about something everyone knows. So pathetic.

  • Jake

    OMG, Have you read the description of this place?

    original, sinewy spiral staircase
    massive ceiling beams strong enough to support the trucks massive hoses
    wall murals depicting robust firement through the ages
    intact,gleaming brass firmens’ poles
    a strong-jawed bust of Mercury over the giant ground-floor doors
    two-story, unused stable filling out the rear

    It’s too easy: sinewy, strong, massive, hoses, robust, poles, strong-jawed, filling out the rear…put these words on the chalkboard at pornwriting school and have the students use them in a story.

  • Dennis

    @joeyB: If they did, they would be damn lucky babies.

  • Kevin

    How appropriate: a firehouse for two smoking hot guys.

  • terrwill

    @Jake: You sound like you need someone to hose you down………….. : P

  • terrwill

    >>>> And am I in some kind of bizzaro alternate Queerty universe here??

    I don’t see many of the BOQB spewin’ hatepoo all ova AC…….

  • Daniel

    I bet it has large closets. If there’s any type of room Andy loves more than any other, it’s the closet.

  • Bayonet

    AC – Ass Coward.

  • Biblue01

    They look like a cool couple and the idea of living in a firehouse sounds fun.

  • Marty

    All of Anderson’s ex-bf’s must be crying in their beers right now when they look at what his new man is getting out of his relationship with AC. He got together with AC at exactly the right time.

  • Derek

    Can you imagine what Nate Berkus could do with this place!

  • Jake

    @terrwill: No. 23 Very good, Terrwill–now, where might I find someone with a hose?

    I’ve got it. I’m off to the firehouse!

    Humor aside, this was a genuine description, not something I made up. I’m not that good. I read it in the New York Post.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Weatherman! LOL! Seriously, he’s totally queer!

  • Whore

    @Jake: #20 and you just know there is going to be a sling suspended from those “massive beams!”

  • Daryl

    Although this new place must have been irresistible, knowing Cooper’s penchant for privacy, I’m surprised he bought something so unique and locatable.

    There are lots of weirdos and stalkers out there. You would think he would opt for the security and anonymity of a super luxurious high rise.

  • Ian

    @Marty: I don’t know, the closet issue aside, could anyone REALLY stand a guy who wears Prada suits and designer tees 365 & 24-7? I don’t care how cute a man is, I think that that would get unrealistically tiring at some point. He comes across like he’d actually have at least four pairs of monogramed pajamas in his dresser.

  • scott ny'er

    @Derek: you mean with them, right?

    Can you image what Nate Berkus can do with them? And, hell yeah!!!

    @Ian: And… there’s something wrong with that? LOL.

  • Zack

    @Daryl, that’s what I find strange about this whole thing. It’s way too conspicuous for someone as secretive and privacy-obsessed as Anderson and it makes me wonder if he and his man are planning on doing something more business-like with it instead of actually living there. There are rumors that Ben and Anderson (Benderson?) have been living together for months already.

  • adam

    Dating the owner of a gay bar doesn’t really jive with an obsession with privacy either but he’s been doing that for a year now. It looks like maybe AC wants to cut loose a little. Maybe the boyfriend is having an influence on him.

  • Zack

    Actually, in spite of the fact that Ben’s one of the owners of EB, he seems more like Anderson, low-key and private. He’s barely at the bar like the other two owners and he and AC seem to live a simple, quiet life together overall.

  • onCloud9

    whose Anderson Cooper?

  • Anne

    What the article doesn’t mention: the house is haunted by a ghost!:

    Fire Patrol House No. 2
    The ghost of a firefighter from the 1800s—who hanged himself on the fourth floor after discovering his wife had been cheating on him—is said still to be on duty. 84 West 3rd St between Sullivan and Thompson Sts.

    Firehouse? Haunted? Clearly, Anderson is planning on becoming a Ghostbuster.

  • Taylor

    @onCloud9: Who’s Anderson Cooper? A descendent of the Vanderbilt fortune brought up in great wealth and exclusive private schools, someone who has grown to maturity in coping with a dysfunctional if glamorous mother, the death of his father, the suicide of his brother; someone who has worked hard to establish a career by superbly covering, in person and in depth, some of the world’s worst catastrophes, someone who, despite his background lacks pretention, works hard on fitness, evokes jealousy from envious queens, also evokes scorn for discretion in his professional life about his personal life, and someone who would never write a run-on sentence like this one.

  • Daryl

    @Zack:No. 35 The street-level floor could make for an incredible, upscale gay bar-restaurant. Imagine the unique ambiance. In good weather they could raise that huge garage door and have tables and chairs on the sidewalk.
    The stable could be converted to a sophisticated, private- membership, personal training gym. The possibilities are not endless, but they certainly abound. Perhaps a gay bed and breakfast on the second floor with Anderson and Ben living on the top floor. Come on, girls. Let’s have some more ideas.

  • Ben

    @Anne: Anne, you just know they’re going to serve champagne and strawberries after the exorcism.

    I’ll be watching my mail for a save-the-date card.

  • Taylor

    @Daryl: Sounds like a plan. You know a wonderful old buildig like that is bound to have a basement that would make for a great dungeon!

  • Sean

    @Daryl: I love it. One of the bar promotions could be “chin-up” night to get those guns loaded.

  • Buff

    @Daryl: Hmm. a personal training gym in the stable — only if it has a grooming corner with a barber’s chair in the locker room where I can sit naked and get a tight haircut like Anderson’s before I head to the shower.

    I volunteer to do the interviews for the club’s masseur(s).

    Equinox at Columbus Circle will not be pleased about losing the Coop and me as members.


    Not to be shallow, but who’s that hot dirty-blond Ivan-guy working Haiti with AC? Can we get a bio…and his number?

  • schlukitz

    $4.3 million (down from the original $4.75m listing!).

    Hmmm…one could say that they got it at a fire sale price!

  • Brad

    @schlukitz: Very good, Schlukitz. You are now on the list for the house WARMING theme party. One of the favors will be one of those little pin-on fireman’s badges.

  • Andy

    @Brad: Hey, Brad, I want to go to the party, too. Please.

    If you put my name on the list, I promise to wear my paramedics uniform. Every hour, I’ll choose a hot (since it’s a firehouse) guest and demonstrate CPR and mouth-to-mouth on him.

    This could be the party that overtakes Capote’s Black & White Ball at the Plaza.

  • Brad

    @Andy: OK, Andy, you’re on the list. The date hasn’t been set, yet. It’ going to be quite awhile (so much renovation). Watch for your invitation around this time next year. It’s a die-cut fire hydrant card. Don’t lose it. It will be required for access. You will have to show positive photo ID and the invitation at the door. It’s not like this is a state dinner at the White House.

  • schlukitz

    It’s not like this is a state dinner at the White House.

    Touché, Brad. That’s a good one.

    Gives new meaning to the old expression “Truth is often spoken in jest.”

  • adam

    @Andy: Weird trivia, but lil’ Andy Cooper actually attended Capote’s black & white ball in utero.

    He totally has the credentials to host the soiree of the century.

  • Joe

    @Brad: I know I don’t have a prayer of getting invited to this A-list event, but will you at least answer one question.

    It is true that a tattoo station is going to be set up in the old shower room and that each guest can have a small complimentary, commemorative tattoo of a fireman’s helmet applied to his right ass cheek?

  • schlukitz

    No. 53 · Joe

    Kiiinky! ;P

  • Brad

    @Joe: @Joe: This is pissing me off. Too many details are starting to leak. None of this has been finalized.

    We’re still looking at sketches of the helmet. It’s basic and traditional, but we want to have a little something special on the front of it. We haven’t decided yet.

    Yes, it will probably be in the shower room. The preferred placement is upper arm. Anderson and Ben are actually not that in to tattoos. They haven’t decided yet, if they are going to get one. (Personally, I doubt that they will go through with it.) But,they said their right ass cheek would be the place because they want to be discreet about it. They don’t expect all of the guests to take advantage of this, but they thought it would be something unique to offer. Of course, it’s complimentary, but there will be a tip jar at the tattoo station and a few other places around the main floor. All of the money will be donated to a (not yet decided) charity.

    I haven’t seen you in a while, but if you’re the Joe I think you are, and if you’ve stayed as buff as you were about a year ago, we could use you to bus. We haven’t put out a call for the pole guys yet. If you’ve heard about the red dog collars, please don’t say anything. They could be for staff or in the guests’ gift bags. Hermes is a bitch to work with.

  • Brad

    @adam: Oh, Adam — you are definitely on the list with that little gem! This could get out of hand.

  • Brad

    One last thing and you’re not going to get another peep out of me. Ladies, I know you love to shop. But, I can tell you that the invitation states: no gifts, please. Bergdorf’s will get over it.

    If you insist on bringing something small (and I know some of you will just so you can get a thank you note to see what A.C.’s new stationery looks like. (He was talking to Smythson about a new die before he left for Haiti.)(RIP Mrs. Strong)) most of you know the Coop loves CUIR candles by Diptyque.

    Now that’s all — not another word.

  • Anon

    @Brad: I gather that you are indulging in some creative, fictional writing, but I must tell you that the details are so amazingly spot on that it makes me wonder. Perhaps it’s semi-fiction.

    Carter and Anderson grew up with the scent of Rigaud candles. I’ve not asked him his thoughts about Rigaud, but I know he certainly loves the Diptyque, now. I, also, enjoy the CUIR scent.

    He went to Mrs. John L. because his mother did. Diana Vreeland steered Gloria to Strong decades ago. I think it was originally to have her bookplates printed.

    While Anderson had a privileged upbringing, he also learned responsibility with jobs such as being a waiter at the sadly defunct, wonderful Mortimer’s restaurant.

    Things are not always what they appear. Believe me, he has had his share of heart-ache. Yes, he’s had an overflowing palette of incredible privileges, but he’s remarkably down to earth.

    It saddens me when I read some of the unkind comments about him. Anderson Cooper is one of the kindest persons you will ever meet.

  • Marty

    Anderson and Ben are actually not that in to tattoos

    I saw a photo of Ben and he’s got a big Corsican flag tattoed on his arm.

  • ewe

    88 west 3rd is for sale for 5 million. 13 units and a retail store just one building away for Dreamboat. Yalza. Someone sign the check.

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