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The Soon-to-Be 4 Alarm Fire Coming From Anderson Cooper’s NYC Bedroom

You’ll soon be able to drive a fire truck through Anderson Cooper‘s opening … to his new pad. The CNN weatherman, who’s opted to report live from Haiti for at least another week and further cement the tight tee trend, will soon be moving into his new West Village firehouse home in New York, which he bought in September for $4.3 million (down from the original $4.75m listing!).

No longer housing to New York’s firefighters — the company shuttered in 2006, thanks budget cuts! — the West 3rd Street digs will soon be where Cooper lays his head to rest at night. We’re also told bar owner boyfriend-of-two-years Benjamin Maisani, whom the Post describes as a “close pal,” is moving in, and that the deed might actually belong to them both, although business manager Carolyn Rossip Malcolm’s name is on the deal.

So why haven’t the twosome already moved in? Because they’re busy renovating it, silly. Which is actually a touchy subject, because the firehouse might be named to the National Register of Historic Places, which would give Cooper tax breaks on the property, but also limits his ability to make aesthetic changes to the abode. Not that Anderson would dare tear down the firehouse exterior or even doing away with the pole running through it — the are theme parties to be had!

(Top photo: PCN)