UPDATE: South Carolina’s FOX News Director Changes His Stupid Poll

UPDATE: After getting schooled by lots of angry commenters, FOX affiliate news director Bryan Cox finally changed the choices in his station’s dumb poll from “homosexuality is a sin” and “homosexuality is not acceptable” to simply “I agree” or “I disagree.” Thanks?

The man on the right (the one without the horns) is Bryan Cox, the news director for WACH Fox in South Carolina is responsible for all aspects of station coverage including this excellent “newsworthy” poll about the recent Presbyterian decision to ordain gay ministers. Whether you agree or disagree with the church’s decision, Cox’s poll offers two brilliant choices both condemning homosexuality! Make sure to leave a comment and then give the station a ring to let them how much you love being one of the damned! Cheap ploy to get station attention? We guess horrible attention is better than none at all.

Via Towleroad