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The Stonewall Riots Get The Comic Book Treatment

The LGBTQ community will get to remember gay history in a new format with the limited release of The Stonewall Riots comic book. Bluewater Productions, the same group behind other gay-themed comic books, is currently raising money on Indiegogo in order to publish the first comic book about the birth of the modern gay rights movement.

The goal is raise $9,000 by July 11th in order to produce this historic story. Much like Kickstarter, financial supports will receive rewards depending on how much they donate. Gifts include limited edition copies of the comic book as well as a special collection donated to a charity organization of the donor’s choosing.

With so much gay history to cover, why now, why Stonewall?

“As time goes on, we’re in danger of losing this important touchstone of our cultural history,” writer Michael Troy told OUT. “In an age where gay rights and marriage equality are still such hot buttons, it’s more important now more than ever, to remember the efforts of those who fought for gay rights.”

Check out five of the pages here.


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