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The Stork Is Now Dropping Off Children to Gay Parents (Who Search Hard Enough)

I don’t know how the children’s book Dad Dad Mom Mom ends, but I’m assuming creator Sandro Isaack winds things up with each set of gay parents (two dads! two moms!) succeeding in their child rearing adventure. Because otherwise this would be a horror story!

Issack, who is self-publishing the series, tells Queerty, “STORK M.I.A. is the first volume of a planned self-published children’s book series. The book follows the story of Dad and Dad, who were tired of waiting for the Stork, and decided to find her and ask for a baby. They search for the Stork around the world, turning this story into an adventure, rather than a didactic book for children of same gender couples.” (Not to spoil things, but if this is any indication, the dads will soon be the parents of Ava, a little girl from China.)

I like! And according to the character manifesto, there’s also the two moms who “have been happy together for nearly 20 years – but who’s counting? Mom and Mom are not married, but they live together in a beautiful loving home. Mom and Mom bumped into the stork while on vacation in Guatemala. The stork graced them with Paco – the awesome baby she had been keeping for a super special family.”

What does this book teach children and their gay parents? That children are delivered not through a woman’s cervix, but through a non-discriminatory bird that you need several searches to find.