The Story That Janice Daniels Got Fired For Her Anti-Gay Comment May Be 100% False

Yesterday we wondered how to punish Janice Daniels, the mayor of Troy, Michigan who Facebooked that queer marriage made her want to trash her I Heart NY Bag.

Well, it looked like fate was punishing Daniels for us as both the Advocate and Think Progress reported that Century 21 fired her from her realtor job for “insensitivity to the LGBT community.”

The only problem? That story may not be true.

At least that’s what Dan Kersten of Century 21 says. According to Kersten, Daniels voluntarily put her real-estate license in escrow, suspending her realtor career seemingly to to focus on being mayor.

Even though she has finally apologized and has said she won’t quit as mayor, she may have to weather a few more queer-related consequences before this teapot tempest dies down.