The Story That Janice Daniels Got Fired For Her Anti-Gay Comment May Be 100% False

Yesterday we wondered how to punish Janice Daniels, the mayor of Troy, Michigan who Facebooked that queer marriage made her want to trash her I Heart NY Bag.

Well, it looked like fate was punishing Daniels for us as both the Advocate and Think Progress reported that Century 21 fired her from her realtor job for “insensitivity to the LGBT community.”

The only problem? That story may not be true.

At least that’s what Dan Kersten of Century 21 says. According to Kersten, Daniels voluntarily put her real-estate license in escrow, suspending her realtor career seemingly to to focus on being mayor.

Even though she has finally apologized and has said she won’t quit as mayor, she may have to weather a few more queer-related consequences before this teapot tempest dies down.

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  • scribe31

    Hey, just want to point out that everyone in Michigan is NOT like this woman. The city of Detroit, easily 70-80 percent blk, recently elected an openly blk gay male.There is talk about him running for mayor next. Charles Pugh was an openly gay news reporter and dejay on the local hip-hop station. ON his show he often spoke about gay issues and hiv testing. Almost every Detroiter has seen Charles dating out in the city with a number of boyfriends, including an America Idol top ten contestant from a few years ago. Charles even mentioned the Idol member by name on a news cast. So come to Michigan, because only some of our leaders like the mayor of troy.

  • Hyhybt

    Michigan is no place to be a realtor anyway. NOBODY moves there voluntarily.

  • Mike

    Someone at least tell her to get rid of that Gretchen from Benson hairstyle.

  • CBRad

    @Mike: LOL !

  • Chris

    @Hyhybt: Very true, but let’s remember that people don’t move here for work either.

  • Hyhybt

    @Chris: Too true. Which leaves very little to be made in selling homes to the nobody that moves there.

    (I have relatives up there… but not nearly as many as there used to be. Dad was born in Adrian.)

  • Brad

    I lived in this area for 9years. The town of Troy Michigan, like most small towns, has a VERY low pay for their mayor. There’s no way she could make a living from being a mayor. All mayors like her have OTHER careers that pay the bills, so it’s ridiculous for her to have put her real estate career on hold to focus on being a mayor. RIIIIIIIGHT!

  • Nick

    I read that her salary is a grand total of 138 dollars a month. I don’t think she would have put a decent salary aside for that.

  • Myrted

    OK folks – what is the goal? To actually gain respect and equality? Or merely **punish** and move on? The address by Amy Weber was, in my opinion MUCH more productive, and probably effective. Remember – the gay bashers are typically religious extremists who subscribe to PUNISHING bad behavior – is THIS what you want? I hope not.

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