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The ‘Straight’ Shiek Who Fondled and Beat an American at a Bar … Gets Off


Last year we heard the story of Silvano Orsi, an American who claimed while sitting at a hotel bar in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates, Sheik Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (pictured) — the younger brother of the UAE’s president, Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan — tried to pick him up at a hotel bar there, sending over a bottle of Dom Perignon. Orsi says he refused the advances, at which point Al Nahyan came over and began fondling him, then threw him to the ground and began whipping Orsi with his belt. Because that’s how royalty rules, yo. Naturally, Orsi was pissed, and wanted the sheik held accountable. Switzerland took up the cause, putting Al Nahyan on trial, which could’ve sent him to prison for two years. And now, we have an answer.

Al Nahyan will go free.

A Swiss court upheld a lower court’s dismissal of another lower court’s ruling that found Al Nahyan guilty. (The appeals court found that the metal belt buckle Orsi, who previously told us he’s a gay-supporting straight guy, was beat with could not be considered a dangerous weapon. Uh huh.) All Al Nahyan got was a fine worth about $10k; easily payable from an oil-rich UAE bank account.

But Orsi says the fight isn’t over: “We will take this to the next level, to the European Court of Human Rights, because my human rights have been openly violated by Switzerland and the UAE royal sheik who attacked me.”

He tells Queerty: “This last discriminatory ruling basically demonstrates that even in Switzerland, home of the U.N Human Rights Council, an oil-rich Gay Sheikh from Abu Dhabi is afforded the luxury of full and unconscionable impunity, at the expense of a victim’s human rights – and this is done even after the Swiss criminal courts have fully confirmed that this delinquent and coward committed the savage belt attack. I will never digest this and this matter will not just go away. I will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, and the U.S House Human Rights Commission in Washington has also announced an immedaite investigation, in tandem with the UAE Sheikh torture video case. This Gay Sheikh needs to learn to keep his belt and hands in his pants, and not use them to attempt to prey on young men from NY, like a cowardly barbarian.”

And for the record? Shiek Al Nahyan insists he’s a heterosexual.