The Strange Disappearance Of Michele Bachmann’s Church Buddy, Peter E. Waldron

Last week The Atlantic uncovered that Michele Bachmann’s faith-based outreach Peter E. Waldron was once arrested in Uganda for terrorism, spoke at the church of a “Kill the Gays” advocate, and thinks any non-bible-based government is “totalitarian.” Now, a week later all traces of him on the internet have suddenly begun to to disappear. Coincidence? We think not.

Warren Throckmorton has more:

Now almost everything current related to Mr. Waldron has disappeared. His Facebook page is now private, and all that is left of his personal (peterewaldron.com) and movie promo (theultimatepricemovie.com) websites is the phrase, “under construction.”

Once three video interviews were available on YouTube. Hosted by Hermann and Sharron Bailey, the interviews focused on his time in the Ugandan prison on weapons charges. These are now marked private.

YouTube hosts two videos promoting the film about Waldron (The Ultimate Price). Now one of them (the 4-minute version) is marked private, while the two-minute version carries the disclaimer that the video is “unlisted.” For now, the embedding feature allows it to be shown, but it does not appear in YouTube search results.

Oh Mrs. Bachmann, you can run but you can’t hide from your anti-gay past, especially your involvement with the “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International” hate minister Bradlee Dean. As we said, Bachmann’s refusal to publicly acknowledge her anti-gay stances is a sign of progress, but we should definitely remind her every step of the way just how she got where she is today.