The Streets Of Vienna Just Got A Whole Lot More Gay

Vienna_traffic_lig_3301015bAh, Vienna.

The fine Austrian city is known for its friendly residents, stunning architecture, and, of course, its delicious sausages. Now, the streets of the historic European city are getting a temporary makeover.

In an effort to improve road safety and promote tolerance, the the Austrian capital announced that it is replacing dozens of its gender-neutral traffic light figures with same-sex couples. Awww. How cute!

“The campaign is mainly targeted at raising awareness for traffic safety,” Andreas Baur, a spokesman for the city of Vienna, told NBC News. “But it is also pegged to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and the AIDS charity Lifeball in Vienna.”

Eurovision, you may recall, is the popular singing competition that brought us Conchita Wurst.

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This isn’t the first time a European city has had a little fun with its traffic signals. Last year, the disproportionate number of female versus male figures in traffic lights in Dortmund, Germany, caused a backlash, with several political parties campaigning for gender equality.

Vienna’s new traffic lights will remain up through the end of June.

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