The Struggle Is “Real” For These Log Cabin Republicans — Puh-Lease

Life can be so tough for gay Republicans.

Nobody seems to understand that maintaining and widening income inequality and telling women what they can and can’t do to their own bodies are issues so much more pressing than those silly liberal agenda items.

Like, gay rights for instance.

Below, guys vent their frustrations on Whisper for not being understood as the rational gay conservatives that they are.


I'm a gay republican and I'd rather vote for a candidate who knows about war strategy, fiscal policy, and geopolitics even if he doesn't believe in gay marriage

I'm a gay republican. I don't know why people find that so hard to believe. Yes, we are real.

Caitlyn Jenner saying she's a Republican made me realize it's okay to fight the bigots who say I can't be because I'm gay.

I'm a Christian gay republican. I support everyone. None of my

I'm gay, catholic and conservative. The struggle is real to find a compatible partner.

I am deeply Christian. I have a beautiful wife. I am extremely republican. I support guns and own many.??And I am gay.

I'm gay, catholic, and a republican... guess I won't be invited to the White House!

I'm a faithful Christian, a conservative republican, and a proud homosexual man. Contradictory, but I love who I am.

I'm a gay republican minority that supports our country. Get over it and get a job!

I am gay, but I am also a strict republican. It can happen.

It's so hard being a conservative gay Christian. All guys I keep meeting want one thing and it ain't talking about Jesus. Can't we just be friends first and talk about movies & comics????

 I'm in the closet. I'm openly gay but I'm secretly a REPUBLICAN

I'm a gay individual and i fully support the platform of the Republican Party and oppose the obama administration and most of its policy.

I'm a Conservative, Christian, Republican Gay man. Now, tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.

Republican. Catholic. Texan. Gay as can be. Don't believe the labels. I'm proud of who I am!

I'M GAY, but don't support gay marriage, am Christian, and vote Republican. I hate that society thinks we all have to act the same.