The Students That Morehouse College Wants To Dress More Manly

Diamond Martin Poulin (pictured), a 20-year-old college student who wears heels and skirts, refers to his group of friends as the Plastics (yes, a Mean Girls nod), and they’re the non-confirming male matriculators that had Morehouse College in Atlanta banning cross-dressing on campus. “I’ve always been into clothes, shoes, hair and everything,” says Diamond, who who grew up in Rhode Island and, for the record, does identify as a gay man — one who just happens to like women’s clothes. Though he does say he might transition to being a woman. “My mother says I always played dress-up in her clothes, my grandmother’s clothes,” continues Diamond, who left Morehouse for another school. “I’d even get my brother to do it sometimes. That’s just always been me—pushing the envelope of what I’m supposed to be as a man.” Brian Alston, 21, and Michael Leonard, 19, identify as androgynous, but still study at Morehouse, which means they dress “like men,” or at least enough to meet the rules. Not that they’re making friends with The Gays: “The gays hate us,” says Brian. “It’s because we have a certain aura,” add Michael. “We don’t care what people think about us when it comes to how we dress and carry ourselves. Some people are uncomfortable with it.” Indeed: Some of Morehouse’s out gay students backed the new dress code. “We respect the identity and choices of all young men at Morehouse,” says Dr. William Bynum, Jr., vice president for Student Services, who was the one defending the new policy when the outcry began. “However, the Morehouse leadership development model sets a certain standard of how we expect young men to dress, and this attire does not fit within the model. Our proper attire policy expresses that standard.” The school’s dress code also bans saggy pants and head rags; male students can still be seen wearing both. [Vibe]

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  • Chuck

    I think he looks really good. People should be allowed to wear what they want. Fashion has no gender. Go after people with bad grooming, THEY are the offensive ones.

  • gina

    Morehouse has clamped down on gender expression before. It’s a very hard school in which to go against the grain. I give them an F!

  • PennyThoughts

    As an all male school who only accepts male students, I think men who want to explore their feminine side so much as to dress like a woman should explore other schools to attend. Georgia has many options to choose from.

    This just feels like diva attitude. And I cannot get down with those.

    I wouldn’t feel the same way if this guy attended a school that accepted all students. Morehouse isn’t one of those schools.

  • Jersey

    If anyone has the connections to let this guy know tell him I love his look and his courage. Diamond Martin Poulin you are awesome!

  • rhydderch

    @PennyThoughts: Agreed. After all, Morehouse is a private school and can enforce the dress code they want. But of course Queerty loves this story as it allows it to portray African Americans as homophobes. Notice there’s no story about Bob Jones, Baylor University, or any predominately white schools with dress codes that trannies find offensive.

  • rhydderch

    this dude should look at transferring to Agnes Scott or maybe one of the seven sister schools in New England

  • gina

    I don’t understand why it being an all-male school makes any difference… apart from the fact they’re probably more homophobically paranoid. So, in an all-female school, should women students not be allowed to dress in any way which seems masculine? Interesting that one of the only other all-male schools in the US, Wabash College, was the alma mater of trans activist and film maker Andrea James (prior to her transition).

    I agree there are certainly predominantly white schools which are homophobic and certainly transphobic and that Morehouse isn’t unique in this regard. However, the reality is those white-dominated schools are overwhelmingly religiously-based which does make them different (but doesn’t excuse their bigotry).

    Of course, Morehouse is a private school, they’re going to do what they want in terms of policy. But it’s also true it receives a sizable portion of its funding from the United Negro College Fund, so it’s not a private institution in the way other colleges are. But I do have an issue with saying being gay is okay, but non-traditional gender expression isn’t. This is a school (along with Spelman) which produces many of the leaders of the African-American community and perpetuating bigotry in that environment is a shame.

  • gtsanity

    Man he should go to Spellman if he want to dress like that

  • missanthrope

    “I don’t understand why it being an all-male school makes any difference… apart from the fact they’re probably more homophobically paranoid. So, in an all-female school, should women students not be allowed to dress in any way which seems masculine?”

    Not only that, but many Women colleges will admit trans men (if they enter school as female, but transition there) but will sometimes turn away trans women unless they’ve had surgery.

  • gtsanity

    In short he is not acting like a Moorhouse man something that college take pride in. Even the homos at Bob Jones University carry themselves in the manner of their college

  • tjr101

    Even though I prefer a more conservative appearance, I must admit it takes a lot of courage to express oneself the way Diamond Martin Poulin does. He is a very strong individual to carry himself like that especially at a school such as Morehouse.

  • Hilarious

    He knew what he was getting into when he chose that particular school.

    It’s the reason I chose not to go there.

    There are plenty of schools he could have chosen to go to and dress however he wanted, I’m sure at others he’ll be discriminated based on the color of his skin and not what he’s wearing.

    Gonna make a write up about that?

  • greenluv1322

    I am so happy he transferred. Who wants to be around all of those down low brothers.

  • Avenger

    Their school, their rules. Period. Don’t like it, don’t go there.

  • rjp

    Morehouse is about Black Assimilation into the elite class.

    That is what it is.
    It is disgusting that they can not accept a range of people.
    But they are scared still and want black men to GAIN POWER.
    F those who are different than it’s “model”.

    Humans are pathetic.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Perhaps it’s bad of me as a gay man saying this, but transgender people and drag queens make me uncomfortable, I’d prefer if they pick a side already! people ain’t oysters/snails to he changing back and forth, if you wanna be a female then be a female and live your life as such, if you are a man be a man. But androgyny is rather ugly.

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