The Stupid Rap Feud Between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj Didn’t Ruin Atlanta Black Gay Pride

Lil’ Kim insists her camp never authorized a performance at this year’s Atlanta Black Gay Pride, where she appeared last year, but that a random fellow pretending to be her rep agreed to a $15,000 fee to get her to perform. But is it all just a scheme by the pint-sized rapper to get out of an event that Nicki Minaj, the sometimes bisexual incoming queen b, would be headlining.

As you might be aware, these two ladies don’t get along, since Kim insists she’s always and forever the reigning queen of hip-hop, and Nicki doesn’t exactly see it that way.

Mario Harris, CEO of Wassup N ATL [which booked Pride’s performers], told Georgia Voice he has never had this kind of problem with booking talent. He said a contract was signed with a man named Tone and money was paid for Lil Kim to perform Saturday. Harris said they are currently in talks with Lil Kim’s assistant to try to somehow make sure she appears at Black Gay Pride as promised to customers. “We’ve got to pay whatever to make this happen,” he said. “We’ve never had an artist not show up. We’re in limbo trying to talk to Lil Kim. And I really feel personally she’s trying to shake us for money.” Harris also theorized that Lil Kim didn’t want to be the “opening act” for red-hot artist Nicki Minaj who is scheduled to play at 3 a.m. at the Freight Depot as part of Traxx’s events for this weekend.

And play she did:

But Kim did show up at ABGP — to party with the gay boys, lesbian ladies, and trans fans, but not perform. (That’s her, barely recognizable anymore, with papi B. Scott. The Real L Word‘s Mikey and Whitney were there too.)

And then we realize how stupid all of these contract negotiations and rap feuds are when we hear about the double homicide — twentysomething-year-olds Calvin Streater and Samuel Blizzard were shot dead — while in town for Atlanta Black Gay Pride.

[GAVoice, AJC; photo via KidduNot]