The Stylist Who Called Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a Boy Never Meant to Insult Cross-Dressing Kids

SOUNDBITES — “I have lost sleep these past 2 nights due to the horrible thoughts and comments they included and attributed to me in this particular story for Life & Style, as they were taken completely out of context. They use me often for style quotes, so I had no idea they would twist my words, and they always contact me for final approval, which they did not do this time around. … My career has been all about personal expression through clothing, and I am the biggest believer that any person should wear anything they choose, regardless of age or sex. The quote I did provide to Life & Style actually praised Shiloh’s parents for letting her be who she wants to be, and included that she has two cool older brothers who she is probably trying to emulate, and that she looks up to, and that there is NOTHING at all wrong with it … quite the opposite. I was hoping it would influence other parents to let their children do the same. Again, I am sorry that my words were misinterpreted, and please be assured that I would never say anything bad about any person, especially a child. … Really, I am in tears right now because this just makes me sick. … Many of my friends in life & at work are in fact lesbian, gay & transgendered, and that is why this is most upsetting to me. They can vouch that I would NEVER say such things. It’s just not the person I am. ” —Stylist Alana Kelen denouncing the quote (“Shiloh is pushing the boundaries of a tomboy look and crossing over to cross-dresser territory”) used by Life & Style to derogatorily call Brad and Angelina’s daughter Shiloh a man-girl (via)