The Sunday Effect

Were Sunday’s religious sermons, just two days before a Tuesday Election Day, responsible for the conservative push behind Proposition 8? With Joy Behar guesting Larry King Live, guest Cynthia Nixon theorizes as much, while also delving into her own personal dilemma: Her girlfriend Christine Marinoni, who Cynthia wants to marry, has no legal rights to their children.

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  • Alan down in Florida

    Saw her say it last night and my guess is that there is probably truth in her interesting hypothesis.

  • Charles Merrill

    Cynthia is very well versed on the issue and hope “The View” bitches were watching. They no nothing, except Whoopie & Joy of course.

  • The Gay Numbers

    We need more organizations like Soulforce that are funded so that they can start to blunt the attack of the religious groups that are against us. Not all people of faith are anti-gay. We need to start to build a coalition of religious voices to make certain that we do not even ceed the religious ground to the anti-gay voices. Last night on Larry King, I was disappointed that no one bothered to include the pro-gay religious ministries. It seems everyone on our side in a role of leadership works off the cue card that the right provides us rather than going on the offensive. No religion shouldn’t mater, but it does. so we need to fight on all fronts- both those they expect and ones like this that they do not.

  • dizzyspins

    I though Cynthia came off very well-informed and level-headed in that segment. Often its the radicals (on both sides) who get the media’s attention. Like her, I’d be fine if the government gave me all the rights of marriage but called it something else. We’d all end up calling it marriage anyway.

  • ousslander

    I thought she had the kids with her ex-husband, shouldn’t he have rights to the kids?

  • brandon

    yea he should have legal rights to the children, but cynthia’s partner is also raising the children, and with the current laws she has no legal ties to them, which is wrong.

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