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  • Garrett

    I’d hypothetically kill Nyasha. She’s a-list cuz she shaves roadkill and tricks people to wear it on their head? Pathetic. She’s. Not even someone you love to hate like Mimi from Drag Race, she’s just an airhead. And as always, id fuck reichen (duh) and marry ryan.

  • GMinNYC

    Fuck: Reichen
    Kill: Nyasha
    Marry: Mike Ruiz (sexy!!!)

  • Tony

    Let me get this right..Playgirl wants a centerfold from this show in which Rodiney walks around chiseled like a Greek god, but no, they choose Austin to for a spread? Right!!

    Luckily, I don’t take this show (or any other reality show) seriously. I know it’s incredibly contrived, but it’s just guilty mind and time wasting fun.

  • Desdemona

    Fuck : Austin
    Marry : Mike
    Kill : Derek

  • Will

    Fuck – Mike Ruiz


  • Bootsiegee

    For me the show is the equivalent of eating a bacon double cheeseburger. I know I shouldn’t do it, I know it’s not good for me and I know that somewhere alotg the way I am going to get sick, yet I can’t help myself. I watch it anyway. I really enjoy looking for the incredibly contrived scenes, bascially anytime someone walks into a room and acts surprised to see the other cast member there.

    Fuck – Reichen (Much like Chinese food, I know I am going to want to fuck someone else 30 minutes later)

    Mary – Derek (I know, I know, but I am really attracted to that wicked sense of humor)

    Kill – Nyasha (Why on earth is she even on this show)

  • Jake

    I don’t like the new girl yet. I was rooting for Austin! And of course I had to go google Reichen’s nudie pics after the show!

  • Austin - not That Austin

    Fuck: Rodney
    Marry: Mike
    Kill: Nyasha

  • David Ehrenstein

    They should retitle this hot mess “Everybody Loves Mike”

  • Blake

    I would fuck Rodiney, marry Derek and kill Nyasha.

  • Ben K.

    Fruits watching other fruits on TV.

  • Marie Cohn

    The Amos ‘n Andy of gay representation.

  • Zee

    I didn’t watch it.

  • Why

    Why must this exist? Why can’t I throw a brick through the internet? Why do they insist on calling this the A-List? Did A-List get redifined whilst I slept? These questions shall surely plague me all night.

  • Ezzi

    If you don’t live in the US, where can you watch it?

  • Spike

    “Those dirty profile pics of Reichen that surfaced a few months back were probably released on purpose.”

    Err they were screen shots from (Queerty gets it wrong again), and more like how long had he been jacking on cam before someone cared enough to capture the pics and for them to leak thus giving the himbo clown a story line . . .

  • Brandon h

    Kill, kill kill kill kill kill. Preferably using an incendiary bomb to help sterilize the site of infection and keep it from spreading.

    Ruiz is cool but he’s associating with the wrong crowd, therefor he was caught in the explosion.

  • Toferdavid

    Kill my girl nyisha
    Marry Derek
    F’f Austin

  • Freutmich

    Fuck: Reichen. Or Rodiney. Or both at the same time.
    Kill: Austin
    Marry: Mike

    A couple of observations. First, Derek and Austin are now “best friends”?? WTF? When did that happen? Second, is it just my imagination, or are these self-absorbed, nellie queens even more self-absorbed and more nellie than last season? Third, my favorite “character” (I use that term intentionally because there’s nothing very “real” about any of these obviously guided people and scenes) is Rodiney because he’s such a sympathetic character. These girls tear into him at every turn and accuse him of using Reichen. But he doesn’t know the language, is trying to find his way in a foreign land, and Reichen is/was the only source of stability. Of course he’s going to rely on him. Sorry they’ve not had that kind of intimacy in any of their past relationships.

    I realize I’ve praised and slammed this show all at the same time. It’s just that kind of guilty pleasure! I still want a 3-way with Reichen and Rodiney.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I had 3 songs featured on the show last year and have a strong opinion about this season.

    A) Give Mike Ruiz a storyline.
    B) Ryan Nickulas stop wearing so much make up.
    C) Nyasha please b*tch slap Austin at least 3 times for all of us.
    D) Reichen should consider gay porn as his c*ck shots are out there now.
    E) Rodiney let’s see some action from you’re bedroom.
    F) No more personal assistants manscaping Derek. You are so annoying!

    Mike –

  • funnyhahanothehe

    About Ryan Darius Salon
    Is this your company? Claim This Profile
    Ryan Darius Salon in New York, NY is a private company categorized under Beauty Salons. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

    Since he prob makes the most out of any of them on the show. So we know $$$ def does not mean A list. None of them are that good looking, and the one that is has an accent that annoys the hell out of me. So looks dont mean A list. So what does it take?

  • Jeff

    The A is for Asshole

  • HeroQueero

    How ’bout a show that showcases the lives of GLBT folks everywhere so that America gets a good view of the diversity of who we are? With so many gay kids being bullied and the open murders of gays in Jamaica, Asia, and the Middle East is this really what we should be focusing on right now? Watching affluent homosexuals whine about their “problems” to placate their superficial egos is just appalling.

  • Dennis

    Fuck: Rodney
    Marry: Rodney
    Kill: Nyasha

  • Cam

    Fuck : Rodiney
    Kill : Nyasha (We actually turned off the show during the last scene with her, I couldn’t take it. It’s insulting to have her on the show.

    Marry : Ryan…ok, now bare with me on this. He seems to be the only one that regularly goes to work, and he also usually has the most sane advice for people. So in spite of the way he looks with the botox and the weird hair, I figure as long as I was fucking Rodiney (And having him leave right after) Ryan would be the only one I could handle talking to.

    And seriously, Nyasha……WTF??? The producers actually think that just getting some screaming crazy bitch who once one some beauty pagent is going to make gay guys come flocking to the show? Get rid of her, I seriously couldn’t handle watching her.

  • Dave

    OMG these queens are so pathetic… do they really think they are AList ? really ? the only fuckable ones are Reichen and Rodiney cuz they are both so gorgeous … the other ones ? are you kidding ? id sooner stick needles in my eyes than even remotely see Austin or especially Derek naked … and Ryan ? does he even matter ?

  • Joe

    Fuck: Rodiney
    Marry: Rodiney
    Kill: Rodiney

  • George412

    the premiere tanked in the ratings. it was lower than the season #1 premiere and lost more than half the audience of the season #1 finale. maybe people are finally realizing what a bad show it is.

  • Amber024

    @Cam: They already have enough white gay males on the show to make you guys happy. I think they brought Nyasha on the show to reach out to ther demographics; blacks, women.

  • Sam

    Fuck – Austin
    Marry – Jake
    Kill – Nyasha or Rodiney – tossup.

  • toffeestick69

    Fuck: Reichen
    Kill: Austin
    Marry: Reichen or Mike

    Was all psyched to see this new show come to tv last year, but by the end of the season was extremely disappointed in that, this was all they could think of to give us for our entertainment ? But, knowing how few shows will just “wow ” you out the gate, I thought for sure thay would get the kinks out and “bowl” us over with the second season and I’m just glad I’m not a betting man, I would be poor as a church mouse. This second season has had such a bad start, I honetly don’t know if I’m going to stay with it. It’s truly a waste of time. The changes I would like to see to keep me on board would be, send Austin and his boyfriend ?, back to England to stay forever and never be heard from again, and sorry to say, but as a black man, I’d send ghetto fabulous Nyasha packing, because she is just plain ghetto. Lastly, how about seeing what the guys do to make a real living and not the tired salon of Ryan’s nor the narcisistic adventures of Austin the (model ?????), Oops, sorry I forgot I sent him away. ;>0} So good luck, LOGO, I know the next episodes are already in (the can), let’s just hope they were worth “Canning”.

  • Maggie May

    Can’t stand Nyasha, and can’t figure out why the show even needed a fish, much less an egotistical, narcissistic thinks her shit don’t stink plastic puss. As a straight woman I watch the show because it doesn’t have any women on it. I’m tired of all those bitches from “Real Housewives” Didn’t even wanna watch the second episode because of Nyasha. Logo has let me down this year. Next thing you know they’ll stick a female co-host on RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!!

  • Jon

    Fuck: Jake
    Marry: the nachos
    Kill: nausea

  • Kitten Kaboodle

    Would fuck Austin, b/c he is such a cute bad boy.

    Would kill TJ, Rodney, and Nyasha (not necessarily in that order). They are all losers.

    Would marry Jake unless there is something totally weird about him that hasn’t yet been revealed.

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